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Contact, Membership and Billing information:

  • How do I contact you?

  • How do I cancel?

  • How much does membership cost?

  • What are the benefits of Gold Membership?

  • What will my bill say?

  • Is my information protected?

Sugar Daddy adult dating web site Operation and Navigation Questions:

  • How do I log in to my sugar baby or sugar daddy account?

  • Why isn`t my username and password working?

  • How do I add someone to my Favorites?

  • How do I delete someone from my Favorites?

  • How do I block someone?

  • How can I contact ALL members (pay & non pay)

  • Why can't I upload my images?

  • Can I use my iPhone on the road?

  • Where is that SugarDaddy song?

Questions About The Profile Page:

  • How do I suspend my profile or make myself invisible to other users?

  • Why wasn`t my profile approved?

  • Why was my profile deleted?

Photo Questions:

  • How do I upload photos?

  • How do I make my photos 'private'?

  • How many photos can I upload?

  • Can I post nudity?

Warnings and Consequences:

  • Solicitation and illegal activities

  • Someone told me I was marked as a spammer, why?