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Xiamen , Fujian Sheng
The heading says it all. You can judge me if you want but If you wanna know more about my story, just contact me. Don't worry I am not looking for a father for my child. I am in Med school now and have big aspirations for my future career. I am very ambitious and would like to pursue other degrees like a law degree but my actual situation wouldn't allow me to. Especially with a baby coming. I would describe myself as being a simple college girl who wants to live a life she can't afford. I love shopping, studying, travelling but unfortunately i just can't afford these. I know most guys want to find accomplished, determined, confident women but I would lie if i said i was all this. But i want to become this grown up, confident woman. And find someone here who can help me in this process. I would say i'm just a rock that needs to be polished. Im looking for a mentor, someone who can understand, help and support me. Who can teach things about life, who can help me grow mentally, spiritually. I Love meeting fascinating individuals and collecting knowledge. Who knows may be i could find more in this person and may be it's you...

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