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Fleabagging 101: What Is It and How Can You Stop Doing It?

Modern dating is more complex than ever, so it’s probably not surprising that there’s a wealth of new vocabulary out there regarding all the different situations you might run into. That said, you might have heard the term “fleabagging” tossed around a time or two over the past several years. But what is fleabagging, and how can you know whether ...

By |2023-03-20T20:08:39+00:00March 22, 2023|Sugar Dating|

How to Overcome Your Trust Issues and Open Your Heart to Love

If you’re a woman who needs to overcome her trust issues, you’re definitely not alone. It really only takes one bad heartbreak to take someone from open and trusting to reserved and suspicious. Once someone breaks your trust and shows you that some people do have it in them to callously hurt others, the world just looks different from then ...

By |2023-03-20T20:06:20+00:00March 15, 2023|Sugar Dating|

6 Creative Ways to Apologize to a Sugar Daddy

Even the smoothest, most charming sugar baby isn’t perfect. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and anyone can inadvertently hurt a loved one’s feelings. Anyone can realize after the fact that they might have been wrong or out of line, as well. That said, every sugar baby should keep a few cute, creative techniques for apologizing to her daddy in her back ...

By |2023-03-13T10:20:21+00:00March 8, 2023|Sugar Dating|

5 Signs an Older Sugar Daddy Would Be a Great Fit for You

Finding yourself a distinguished older sugar daddy just might be the solution if you’re a beautiful young woman who’s sick and tired of dating men who seem like they’re light years behind you in emotional maturity. So many young men are still all caught up in the thrill of playing the field, having fun, and chasing excitement in their relationships, ...

By |2023-03-08T18:51:57+00:00March 1, 2023|Sugar Dating|

6 Things Hyper-Confident Sugar Babies Do Differently

While it’s true that every sugar daddy is different as far as what traits he likes most in a sugar baby, there’s one trait that pretty much everyone finds equally attractive – confidence. When a person shows that they’re hyper-confident and utterly comfortable in their own skin, they instantly become exponentially more appealing. In fact, confidence is often the X-factor ...

By |2023-02-14T16:41:49+00:00February 21, 2023|Sugar Dating|

How to Start a Brand New Life You’ll Love

Even if you’re not much of a New Year’s resolution person, it only makes sense to spend the early months of the year reflecting a little on your life and considering where you’d like to go next. Because if you’re not happy with something, there’s no time like the present to work on making some changes. But knowing you’re ready ...

By |2023-02-10T18:02:56+00:00February 14, 2023|Sugar Dating|

Do Women Really Dislike Nice Guys?

“Nice guys finish last.” If you’re like most men, you’ve probably heard that saying many times over the course of your life. You may even have had countless dating experiences over the years that seemed to confirm the truth of this statement. But how true is it really? Do women honestly dislike nice men? And if they do, why do ...

By |2023-02-01T19:44:42+00:00February 8, 2023|Sugar Dating|

Mixed Signals Every Sugar Baby Should Be Aware Of (and What to Do About Them)

Although sugar daters generally tend to be better than most when it comes to not playing games with prospective partners, it’s important to remember that everyone’s different. Some sugar daddies will be much more straightforward and sure of themselves than others, while some will send lots of mixed signals. That said, you might still occasionally find yourself scrambling to decipher ...

By |2023-01-31T19:09:19+00:00February 1, 2023|Sugar Dating|

Sizing Up an Old Flame: 5 Signs He Totally Wants You Back

Every sugar baby knows what it’s like to cross paths with an old flame at some point. Regardless of how things ended between the two of you, it’s always interesting to see how someone’s life has gone since you parted ways. And occasionally, you run into a former sugar daddy with whom you still apparently have some chemistry. In cases ...

By |2023-01-26T16:39:40+00:00January 24, 2023|Sugar Dating|

Ending a Relationship with Class: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Relationships end all the time, and sometimes it’s even a huge relief when they do. But none of that makes the process of actually being the one to end things any easier. After all, this is a sugar daddy you potentially saw a future with at one point and likely still care about. The last thing you want to do ...

By |2023-01-25T19:24:13+00:00January 17, 2023|Sugar Dating|
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