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Torn Between Two SugarDaddies

On paper, the idea of having two fantastic sugardaddies vying for your attention can seem like an absolute dream come true. But the reality is another matter entirely. To begin with, juggling two guys can be pretty tiring, especially if neither guy knows about the other one. And it can be emotionally taxing on you, too, especially if you really ...

By |2022-05-24T15:00:52+00:00May 24, 2022|Sugar Dating|

5 Common Dating Mistakes That Are Screwing Up Your Love Life

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be clueless, naïve, or gullible to make some pretty serious mistakes with your love life. Unfortunately, even brilliant, high-value women can get things wrong or fall victim to toxic patterns they’re not entirely aware of. But the great thing about poor dating patterns and common mistakes is that they can be fixed ...

By |2022-04-26T13:26:28+00:00April 26, 2022|Sugar Dating|

5 Crucial Deal-Breakers Every Woman Should Have

Being a woman on the dating market isn’t easy these days. And it’s not just about separating the few winners from the many losers when deciding who to date, either. Unfortunately, far too many women receive a lot of discouragement from others for not wanting to settle for less than she wants and knows she deserves. It’s officially time to ...

By |2022-03-11T17:16:36+00:00March 24, 2022|Sugar Dating|

How to Create Sizzling Sexual Tension

Although sexual tension can be hard to define from one situation to the next, you know it when you feel it. It’s that delicious crackle of energy that passes between you and someone you’re attracted to when a flirtation is going according to plan. It makes you feel anxious, alive, and just the tiniest bit overwhelmed all at once but ...

By |2022-03-11T16:14:27+00:00March 16, 2022|Sugar Dating|

How to Determine Whether or Not He’s Dating Material

Finding a man, you think you’d like to get to know better is one thing. Determining whether he’s dating material is another. Like everyone, the men you meet and find yourself attracted to have a game face they present to the rest of the world in the interest of making a good impression on new people. And although the real ...

By |2022-03-11T15:23:27+00:00March 11, 2022|Sugar Dating|

How to Ask Your Guy for Money (and Get It)

You don’t necessarily need to be poor or down on your luck to have a reason to ask a guy you’re dating for money. Independent, affluent women can sometimes use a little assistance in the money department, as well. Plus, it just plain feels good to be spoiled a little from time to time – something that should already be ...

By |2022-02-23T19:12:08+00:00March 2, 2022|Sugar Dating|

5 Surefire Tips for Snagging a Rich Boyfriend

If you’re officially sick and tired of wasting your time on one broke guy after another, you’re not alone. Accomplished, well-to-do women are absolute magnets for struggling men who perpetually seem to be down on their luck. And if you’ve dated many guys like that, you also know what a lost cause it is to wait around for a financially ...

By |2022-02-23T18:54:28+00:00February 23, 2022|Sugar Dating|

How to Get a Man to Spoil You the Way You Deserve

Although it’s a fantastic feeling to be an independent woman who’s got her life together all on her own, even the strongest can’t deny that it also feels good to be spoiled rotten. Admit it. When you see it happening to your friends and other women around you, you secretly wish you were in the same position, and there’s nothing ...

By |2022-02-16T11:09:41+00:00February 14, 2022|Sugar Dating|

5 Tips for Letting a Guy Know You’re Just Not That Into Him

Every woman knows it’s no picnic having feelings for a guy who just doesn’t return them for whatever reason, but sometimes it’s even harder on the other side of the fence. It’s rough knowing someone you’re seeing is totally into you while knowing you’re just not feeling it on your end and that you’ll need to do something about it ...

By |2022-02-14T18:55:28+00:00February 9, 2022|Sugar Dating|

How to Handle Sticking Points in Your Sugar Relationship

So many sugar relationships come attached to that “too good to be true” feeling, especially in the beginning when everything’s brand new. This is the case even for formerly jaded people with long traditional dating histories. After all, the experience of being treated like gold by someone wonderful who’s your equal in every way is intoxicating. However, it’s important to ...

By |2022-02-14T18:41:06+00:00February 3, 2022|Sugar Dating|
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