Anyone who’s ever been wildly attracted to someone (and really, who hasn’t) knows that attraction often doesn’t make total sense. Even if you have a specific type of person you’re into, you still might find yourself magnetically drawn to someone unusual for reasons you totally don’t understand.

However, as it turns out, there really are certain scientifically proven factors that can make someone irresistible to others. And once you know what they are, you can better understand why you might be attracted to a sugar daddy who goes against your type. You can start figuring out how to use what you know to your own advantage, too.

1.      You’re physically attractive

Although this might be over-obvious to some people, it’s important to understand that looks absolutely do make a difference as far as how irresistible someone might seem. Physically attractive people are infinitely more likely to appeal to other people in the first place. And the more conventionally attractive they are, the more people they’ll probably appeal to.

However, it’s just as important to understand that what’s attractive varies from person to person. What really turns one sugar daddy’s head might not do it all for another. People also tend to gravitate toward people who are attractive on a similar level to themselves, and almost everyone universally finds traits that potentially indicate good health attractive.

2.      You’re already attracted to them

Have you ever dated someone who wasn’t really on your radar at first but became a lot more irresistible the minute you realized they were attracted to you? Sure, there’s a distinct possibility that knowing they liked you encouraged you to consider their partner potential more thoroughly. But it’s actually a lot more likely that knowing they were attracted to you was the factor that changed your mind.

People understandably are more attracted to other people who like them, enjoy being around them, and admire them. When a sugar daddy genuinely likes you, he’s going to treat you better. He’ll make you a major priority in his life, and he’ll likely also spoil you absolutely rotten. What sugar baby wouldn’t find possibilities like that attractive?

3.      You’re already around them a lot

You’ve likely already heard of proximity attraction before – an attraction that develops over time as two people, any two people, spend more and more time together. Well, that’s not only a very real thing, but it’s also a bigger factor in whether people are attracted to someone at all than most want to think.

That’s exactly why people overwhelmingly wind up in relationships with coworkers, neighbors, friends, and friends of friends. The more time you spend with a particular person, the more likely it is that something will eventually happen to trigger a deeper attraction. You’ll get to know them better, you’ll come to trust them more, and you’ll eventually develop a fondness for them.

4.      You’re already a lot like them

Although opposites may well attract in some instances, people are more likely to feel attracted to someone who’s already a lot like them. It produces a “kindred spirit” type of connection, even if you’re only interested in being friends. But things definitely work the same way when you’re sizing a guy up to see if he has real sugar daddy potential.

Also, everyone wants to be with someone they can truly share their life with. When someone’s similar to you, their very existence validates everything about you, from your worldview to your interests, and that’s a great feeling. These types of similarities are key factors as far as whether you ultimately see someone you’re dating as a soulmate vs. someone who’s really nothing special or even a nemesis.

Consider these factors when dating new people

The above factors may carry varying degrees of importance for different people, but they are primal enough that they influence attraction for everyone. Keep this in mind as you continue to explore the sugar bowl and evaluate new sugar daddies for dating potential. Consider whether your attraction might be an indication of genuine compatibility or just a passing thing based solely on proximity or looks.

You can now use what you know to increase (or discourage) a particular sugar daddy’s interest in you, as well. Emphasize any similarities or shared interests the two of you might have. Always look your best. And, of course, if you already find him irresistible, settle on a way to let him know so that he’s encouraged to look at you in a new light (if he isn’t already doing so).

At the end of the day, attraction only seems confusing. Once you know what drives it, as well as what’s likely to move the needle in one direction or the other, you have the tools you need to get the results you really want.