Here in the twenty-first century, dating isn’t what it used to be. There’s no longer one right way to meet people, be in a relationship, or run your sex life. And there’s no one set of rules literally everyone is expected to follow when it comes to who makes the first move and when, either.

So, if you’re an outgoing, independent sugar baby who doesn’t see why she should always have to wait for the man to make the first move, you’re in luck. These days not only is it totally socially acceptable for women to ask men out or initiate a flirtation, but many men find it super refreshing. Here’s why.

1.      Confidence is majorly hot

Whether you’re a sugar baby looking to meet your next sugar daddy or a vanilla dater who’s into doing things the old-fashioned way, one thing’s for sure across the board. Confidence is a seriously sexy quality for anyone to have, women included.

When a woman is confident enough to make the first move, men know she’s likely also self-sufficient, outgoing, and fearless. She’s the kind of woman who’s unlikely to expect the man in her life to define her, and that’s incredibly appealing and attractive.

2.      The pressure’s off him for a change

Even the most confident, well-to-do sugar daddies sometimes worry about rejection when they’re interested in a sugar baby who really leaves him tongue-tied. They naturally get that it’s part of the experience and that it’s no big deal if it happens. But that doesn’t mean it feels good or that they don’t dread the possibility.

A woman who’s willing to take the initiative and make the first move is a breath of fresh air, because the pressure’s finally off for a change. Instead of trying to come up with a snappy way to approach his target, he gets to bask in the bliss of being the one who’s pursued for a change. It’s a nice feeling that literally everyone can appreciate.

3.      It’s super flattering

Most available sugar babies can attest to the fact that it just plain feels good to be the object of someone else’s desire. Even if you’re not interested in taking another person up on their offer to go out and get to know them better, it’s still incredibly flattering to be noticed and asked. This is even more the case for men, as compliments and attention are rarer for them.

When a woman makes the first move, she’s basically telling him he’s awesome, he’s worthwhile, and he stands out in all the right ways. Yes, he might be a little bit surprised, if he isn’t used to being approached by women. But we guarantee he’ll also take it as the highest possible compliment.

4.      It defies traditional gender roles

Although some people are still a little old-fashioned when it comes to gender roles, more and more folks are thinking outside the box in this regard. This is a positive thing and being willing to make the first move shows you’re a modern thinker in all the right ways.

It also sets a positive standard of equality right from the get-go. If you’re not into traditional gender roles, making the first move is a great way to convey that upfront without going overboard. And if he’s not into the old-school gender thing either, he’ll be relieved to see that you’re on the same page.

5.      It’s a great way to just be real

If there’s one thing pretty much no one likes about the world of traditional dating, it’s all the head games people play with one another. They pretend not to be into each other when they are, because they think that’s what it means to play it cool. But that’s not the standard emotionally mature adults should be looking to set with one another when making a new connection.

Forgoing tactics like playing it coy and dropping heavy-handed hints to try to get a sugar daddy you have your eye on to make the first move in favor of honesty is a great way to start exploring your connection further. Women who aren’t afraid to admit they like a guy and ask that he give her an opportunity to get to know him better are real in all the right ways. Realness like that is especially attractive if you’re into sugar dating.

Of course, not every guy is going to prefer it when the lady’s the one to make the first move. But these days, most are at least open to it, if not downright thrilled when it happens. So don’t be afraid to just go for it when you know you’d like to get to know someone a whole lot better. You’ll both likely be glad you did.