So, you’ve been dating a new sugar daddy. You’ve been having a blast, and you know he feels the same way. Maybe you’ve even had a serious talk or two about making things exclusive in the near future. There’s just one thing you need to know – how to make sure he falls for you to the same extent you’ve fallen for him.

But before you stand a good chance of making someone fall madly in love with you, you need to know what exactly makes men fall hard for women in the first place. Here are a few key examples to keep in mind moving forward.

1.      Physical Attraction

Although looks aren’t all that matter when it comes to winning a man’s heart, it’s naïve to think they don’t matter at all. Physical and romantic attraction are high priorities for most men open to falling in love. This is even more true if you’re into sugar dating or any other type of dating that caters to high-value people.

So don’t sleep on taking care of yourself. Keep up with your workouts, beauty treatments, and general self-care routine. If you’re a sugar baby, then it’s already highly likely you’re doing all these things out of simple love and respect for yourself, but the fact that they could help you land your dream guy can be an added incentive.

2.      Overall Attitude

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have a friend who’s pure sunshine and makes you feel happy to be alive just by being who they are, then you already have a pretty good idea of how powerful a great attitude can be. A winning attitude is a super-powerful motivator for a man on the brink of love, as well.

Most sugar daddies are looking for sweet, nurturing, easygoing partners who know how to go with the flow. Men fall in love with women who are safe places to fall when they come home after a grueling day at the office or a stressful day juggling a busy social calendar. The better you are at being that for the special man in your life, the more likely he is to fall hard for you.

3.      Agreeable Social Nature

Finding someone you vibe with and see yourself getting along with over the long haul is only part of the challenge of finding the right partner. The rest is about finding someone who can also fit comfortably into your existing life and social circle. After all, a so-called perfect partner who doesn’t get along with your friends and loved ones isn’t really so perfect at all.

Trust that if your sugar daddy is thinking about getting serious with you, he’ll be watching closely to see how you treat his friends, family, loved ones, and any children he might have. Make an effort to get to know them, go out of your way to accommodate them, and basically just treat them as well as you’d treat your own loved ones.

4.      Intimacy

Someone can be a lot of fun to be around and a genuinely great partner on paper, but none of that will matter if that trademark feeling of closeness and intimacy isn’t there. Men fall in love with women with whom they feel that closeness. They want someone with whom they feel they can share their most private thoughts and feelings. And they want to be able to fully share and enjoy the things they love with that person along for the ride, as well.

Take an interest in the things your sugar daddy loves and deems important, as well as share the things you love with him. When he opens up to you, listen attentively without judgment. Show him you’re someone he can trust with everything about himself.

5.      Independence

Although men absolutely love spoiling their sugar babies rotten and making their lives easier, nicer, and more pleasant in every way, they aren’t looking for someone who needs to be taken care of. Ambitious, important men have demanding schedules, goals, and dreams of their own that will require a lot of them over the years. They want to be with women who are independent individuals, as well.

Definitely be supportive of your guy’s goals, but don’t lose sight of your own goals in the process. The things that light you up and excite you about the future are more than just essential parts of living your life to the fullest. They’re some of the most attractive, lovable things about you, so don’t let go of them.

Of course, every man is different regarding what he’s looking for in a long-term sugar baby. But the above attributes are qualities everyone wants in a partner. Cultivate them in yourself, and it’s hard to go wrong.