Finding yourself a distinguished older sugar daddy just might be the solution if you’re a beautiful young woman who’s sick and tired of dating men who seem like they’re light years behind you in emotional maturity. So many young men are still all caught up in the thrill of playing the field, having fun, and chasing excitement in their relationships, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But when you’re focused on building a life for yourself, it’s only natural to want to date men who want to do the same. If that sounds like you, here are some signs you should totally give older men a try.

1.     You’re tired of teaching men how to behave in relationships

If you’re like many young but emotionally mature women, you’ve been in more than your share of relationships where you’ve had to mother your partner through the experience of being with someone. People who are still in the process of achieving emotional maturity themselves often need to be told when they’re being insensitive or reminded to pull their weight in the relationship. With that said, it’s important to know how to tell whether a man’s emotionally mature enough for a relationship.

An older man, on the other hand, has already learned his lessons from his past relationships. He knows how important it is to treat his partner like a priority and to make sure he’s there for her, just like she’s there for him. As a result, you can spend your energy enjoying your relationship instead of trying to fix your partner.

2.     You’ve always wanted to be with a cultured man

Older men, especially established sugar daddy types, are light years ahead of their younger counterparts when it comes to being cultured. Younger men are almost always still into chasing all the latest trends, listening to the latest music, and making sure they like the “right” things in an effort to be cool. And again, there’s really nothing wrong with that.

But if you’re already past all that and wish you had a partner who felt the same, you should definitely consider getting yourself a wonderful older sugar daddy to love. He’s infinitely more likely to care about things like critically acclaimed films, timeless music, and terrific art.

3.     You’re tired of waiting for someone to be ready to settle down

One of the biggest issues young women run into when dating men their own age is they’re often ready to settle down and start cultivating some security in life. Meanwhile, their partners are in no hurry to do the same. They’re having too much fun dating around and keeping their options open, figuring there’s plenty of time for all that “settling down stuff” later on.

An older sugar daddy has already gone through all of that. He learned a long time ago that there isn’t all that much out there to miss out on and that building something lasting with just the right person is far more valuable. And he’s looking for someone who’s ready to take that next step with him.

4.     You want to be with a man who can take care of you

Dating young men can really be a mixed bag when it comes to security. Sure, there are young men out there who know how to manage money and have their focus properly set on being financially secure one day. But there are far more who don’t. Most young women are independent enough to be happy to pay their own way, but also having to foot the bill for their boyfriends gets old quickly.

Older men usually bring the exact opposite experience to the table. Not only are they sensible about money, but most have also reached some level of financial security. (Sugar daddy types may actually be downright rich.) And they’re looking to take care of the special ladies in their lives, not live off of them financially.

5.     You’d like to have someone to lean on for a change

When was the last time you dated someone who really listened when you talk? How about the last time you had a partner who could actually teach you something, help you with things, and be there for you to lean on when you really needed someone? If you’ve exclusively dated only young guys, then it’s possible it’s been a while.

Yes, dating an older sugar daddy can mean having someone in your life who can potentially take care of you. But it can also mean having someone to turn to when you need someone supportive to talk to and who knows enough about life to offer advice from a place of actual knowledge. That’s something everyone needs, but so few young women are getting it.

Ultimately, a good partner is someone who’s your equal on an emotional and intellectual level. So if you’ve been struggling to find that, try dating older. You’re sure to be glad you did.