Everyone woman wants to be confident with fantastic self-esteem and with good reason. Confident women aren’t afraid to go after they want and live life to the fullest. They also tend to be head-turners who have little trouble earning the respect of others and getting noticed by all the right people.

It simply never occurs to them that they shouldn’t get everything they want out of life, and it’s hard not to envy that. Thankfully, it’s possible to cultivate confidence and develop healthy self-esteem, but that all starts with healthy self-love. Here are some sure signs you should love yourself a lot more than you currently do.

1.      You’re overly agreeable.

Many women who are agreeable to a fault almost take pride in it. They think of themselves as selfless types who take pleasure in putting other people first, and if that’s indeed the case, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s not healthy or positive to go along to get along to the point where it’s hurting you or otherwise impacting your quality of life.

A woman who simply likes catering to others for its own sake still knows when to say no and understands how to set healthy boundaries. But a woman who needs to love herself more is secretly afraid of ruffling other people’s feathers or even slightly rocking the boat. As a result, she winds up saying yes to many things she doesn’t really want.

2.      You have low dating standards.

Every woman has had her share of bad dates plus a frustrating relationship or two. But women, especially successful sugar babies, who love themselves are never in any doubt that they deserve better than that. When they find themselves involved with men who don’t meet their standards or deserve to be in relationships with them, they cut them loose and move on to greener pastures.

But a woman who doesn’t love herself enough never makes it that far. If she finds herself dating a hopeless deadbeat, she makes excuses for him instead of trading him in for a rich sugar daddy who knows how to treat her right. If her boyfriend cheats on her, she blames herself instead of placing the blame where it belongs. Deep down, she simply doesn’t believe she can do better.

3.      You chronically underachieve.

Women with great self-esteem tend to aim high in life and set many goals. They’re interested in furthering their education, tend to be driven at work, and have at least a few productive hobbies they like to entertain in their spare time. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a confident, driven woman who loves herself to worry she’ll run out of time on the planet before she’s gotten to everything she’d love to explore at some point.

How are you when it comes to setting, pursuing, and achieving goals? Is that something you do, or do you tend to vegetate in low-paying jobs that don’t really make the most of your mind and abilities? Don’t simply write that off as evidence that you just don’t need much in life to be happy. If you know you’re not happy, then what you really need is to love yourself more.

4.      You play the blame game a lot.

Many people tend to assume those with low self-esteem always blame themselves for not only everything that goes wrong in their own lives but everything that goes wrong in other people’s lives, as well. And while that may be the case for some people, it’s just as common for someone lacking in self-love to constantly transfer the blame to others.

So how are you when it comes to taking responsibility for your personal choices in life? Do you know when to hold yourself accountable, or are you absolutely convinced that everything that ever goes wrong in your life is someone else’s fault? If it’s the latter, it could be that you need to do a little work on your self-esteem.

5.      You often wonder what the point even is.

Women who have struggled with showing themselves enough healthy self-love sometimes eventually reach a point where they expect a negative outcome when it comes to just about everything. They don’t see the point in going on yet another date or job interview because surely it will go as badly as always.

They reach a place where they feel good things only happen to other people. And far too often, they bring others down with them, often without really meaning to.

If that sounds like you, it’s officially time to love yourself more. It’s time to realize that you deserve the best in life and have as much right as anyone else to reach out and get it. And it can start today with the very next decision you make, whether it’s big or small.