When you’re a sugar baby, it goes without saying that not just any man will do. You’re special – a catch and a prize that should only be won by the most deserving potential partner. A sugar daddy who wants to win your heart needs to be willing to prove himself to you, so you know he’s a good investment of your time, energy, and spirit.

Although every sugar baby will have her own idea of what makes a particular sugar daddy a keeper, there are some things every man should be willing to do if he’s serious about winning a high-quality woman over. Here are some great examples.

1.      He’s not afraid to spoil you

A relationship between a sugar daddy and his sugar baby isn’t just any relationship. Sugar relationships are connections meant to operate several levels above the norm. They’re about two high-value individuals getting together, agreeing to care for each other, and taking great delight in spoiling one another in their own ways.

So, if your sugar daddy wants to be your one and only, make sure he’s willing to spoil you as you deserve. Does he go out of his way to surprise you with fantastic dates, little love tokens, and lots of romantic gestures to show he cares? Does he take obvious pleasure in seeing you happy? If so, he’s a keeper.

2.      He knows how to make amends

Any woman who’s dated around much has undoubtedly been with her share of man-children and then some. Men like these not only expect their girlfriends to act more like substitute mothers than partners, but they don’t even know the meaning of the concept of accountability. Anytime they mess up, it’s always someone else’s fault somehow.

A good sugar daddy, on the other hand, is what some might call a real man. Real men aren’t boys who are simply masquerading as men. They’re adults their partners can count on and trust. Yes, they’re only human, so mistakes will be made. But a sugar daddy worth being with doesn’t hesitate to apologize and make amends when he knows he needs to.

3.      He does his share of the communicating

Just as the average man often expects his girlfriend to mother him and handle the practicalities of his life for him, he also thinks it should be up to her to do 100 percent of the emotional labor in the relationship. This includes all the standard communication couples engage in when sugar dating or otherwise maintaining a relationship, including texting and phone calls.

If you’re like most sugar babies, you’re tired of that. Naturally, you have no issue holding up your end of things in that regard. But relationships are a two-way street. You deserve to be with a sugar daddy who takes the initiative and gets in touch first sometimes.

4.      He takes pride in you in front of others

Many sugar daddies are very important people, which also means they’re pretty private and discreet regarding how much of their personal lives they share with other people. That said, your relationship with a given sugar daddy will naturally need to mature and progress for a while before he feels comfortable introducing you to his nearest and dearest.

But generally speaking, a good sugar daddy worth being with will be proud and eager to show you off a little. He takes you out on the town and basks in the way other people admire you. He can’t wait for his friends and coworkers to see what a catch he’s landed. He’s much too proud to be with you to feel otherwise.

5.      He supports your dreams and goals

A sugar daddy worth being with is willing to reciprocate the love, support, and unconditional acceptance you show him. He knows he’s not the only one in the relationship with big dreams, lofty goals, and many things he wants to do with his life. Yes, he expects you to support him and love him as he goes about making his life count for something. But he’s also more than willing to return the favor.

The best sugar daddies want their sugar babies to lead meaningful, worthwhile lives. They want them to find their passion in life, pursue their goals, and build lives of their own that are well worth living. After all, a relationship is a beautiful thing. But it’s not all there is to life. People need to find other types of meaning, as well.

At the end of the day, there are just too many fish in the sea to settle for a life partner who isn’t absolutely everything you want and know you deserve. So, hold out for a man willing to do the work. You’ll be glad you did.