Even the smoothest, most charming sugar baby isn’t perfect. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and anyone can inadvertently hurt a loved one’s feelings. Anyone can realize after the fact that they might have been wrong or out of line, as well.

That said, every sugar baby should keep a few cute, creative techniques for apologizing to her daddy in her back pocket, just in case. Here are a few examples to keep in mind.

1.     Surprise him with something special

Every sugar daddy has a pet activity or interest that he’s super passionate about and leveraging that in a thoughtful way can be a terrific way to apologize to a sugar daddy. It’s a great way to coax your daddy back into a good mood, as well as remind him of how well you know what he likes.

Is he a huge baseball fan? Try surprising him with tickets for not only himself but also a couple of his best baseball-loving friends. Is he majorly into opera or classical music? Arrange for the two of you to attend a live event like a symphony together.

2.     Break the ice with a sweet text

Sometimes you’ve already apologized to a sugar daddy verbally (and had that apology accepted) but still detect a slight chilliness when interacting with your daddy. And that’s to be expected sometimes. Not everyone gets over being hurt all at once, so letting such people have the space they need to feel better in their own time is critical.

There’s nothing wrong with helping things along by sweetly reaching out via text or instant message once in a while, though. Think sweet texts of the variety you know he can’t resist and flirty selfies that show off your captivating beauty in its best light. It’s hard to stay mad in the face of something like that.

3.     Make him something delicious

In many cases, the way to a man’s heart really is through his stomach. So if that sounds like your caring sugar daddy, something delicious, thoughtful, and homemade might be the way back into his heart, as well. It’s a thoughtful way to apologize to a sugar daddy by showing him how much you genuinely care about his happiness and well-being.

If you live together or are otherwise still spending time together despite your faux pas, you can definitely arrange for you two to share what you make together. But if not, showing up at his house with a serving of his favorite meal or baked good in tow (before simply leaving him to enjoy it) can also be a real power move.

4.     Plan his dream weekend

Sometimes, an impromptu, semi-casual weekend getaway to a favorite destination planned with love and care is a perfect way to apologize to a sugar daddy, so consider whether that might hit the right note with yours. Most sugar daddies are used to being the ones doing the planning, so flipping the script as a sweet surprise can really resonate.

However, if your daddy’s the solitary type or has explicitly asked you to give him space, it might be more thoughtful to let him have his complete freedom for a weekend instead. If you usually hang out together, suggest he spend his time on a favorite pastime or hobby instead. Sometimes a little rest and relaxation is just the thing to bring someone the clarity they need.

5.     Make him laugh

If you’re blessed with a killer sense of humor that you know your sugar daddy can’t resist, consider whether laughter might be the medicine this particular situation needs. Use your comedic instincts to poke fun at yourself, lighten the mood, and get him to crack his winning smile.

Making the right humorous comment at the opportune time when you’re watching TV in silence can really do the job, as well. So be creative, and give it a try. If your daddy normally finds you hilarious, it will be tough for him to stay grouchy in the face of your best material.

6.     Be super sincere

Sometimes, when nothing else seems to be working, a frank talk given from a place of absolute humility is the way to go. Ask your daddy to give you a few minutes of his undivided attention. Then sit him down and give him the sincerest, most heartfelt apology ever. This is an excellent way to handle sticking points in your sugar relationship.

Tell him how sorry you are for whatever happened, promise never to do it again, and – most importantly – mean it. Genuine sincerity is hard to resist, especially when it comes from someone who occupies a special place in your heart, so it truly doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.

At the end of the day, apologizing to a sugar daddy can be difficult, and so is forgiving someone who’s hurt you. But if you and your sugar daddy share a genuine connection, it might be easier to get back on track than you think.