If there’s one challenge in life that really never gets any easier, it’s meeting a significant other’s nearest and dearest. If you’re like most people, the opinions of your friends and family matter to you, as they know you best and love you the most. What they think of a sugar daddy you might be dating counts for a lot.

A sugar daddy is no different, so it’s only natural to be as nervous as you are excited when someone new, you’re seeing tells you he wants you to meet his family. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind to help you be more prepared for impressing your sugar daddy’s family.

1.      DO know there’s no one right time

Although people tend to think of meeting a person’s family as something that happens when you’re exclusive with someone, not everyone operates that way. Some sugar daddies may prefer to do it earlier to ensure everyone gets along.

Avoid reading into things too much. There’s no one right timeframe for this that works for everyone. Keep in mind that an earlier meeting with a sugar daddy’s family can be a golden opportunity for you to learn things about impressing your partner that wouldn’t come to light until years later.

2.      DON’T forget to be on time

If you and your sugar daddy are showing up to meet with his family, there’s no need to worry about this. But if you’re not, make absolutely certain you’re not late. Being late makes a terrible first impression, and it’s inconvenient for everyone – especially if people are planning a sit-down meal.

Of course, unless you’re meeting somewhere other than another person’s home, you don’t want to be more than a few minutes early, either. No one likes receiving a guest before they’re prepared to do so.

3.      DO follow the house rules

Every family has its own unique way of doing things, especially when they’re hosting someone at home. That said, one of the easiest ways to make a great impression on your sugar daddy’s family is to play by the rules, whether or not they make sense to you.

Do they have a “no shoes in the house” rule? Does your sugar daddy’s father, brother, or other relative expect to sit at the head of the table? Politely go along with it, just as you’d want someone else to do if they were a guest in your home.

4.      DON’T assume they know you’re a sugar baby

People in traditional relationships tend to take it for granted that the other person’s family is fully aware of the nature of that relationship. But while some sugar daddies are really open about the fact that they sugar, most prefer to take a more discreet approach.

In fact, some choose never to tell their families that they’re sugar daddies, so definitely don’t make any assumptions here. If your sugar daddy doesn’t offer up the information himself, ask him pointedly whether his family knows you’re a sugar baby or not, so it’s easier to avoid any awkwardness.

5.      DO pay plenty of compliments

Everyone loves being complimented, and it’s unlikely that your sugar daddy’s family is any different. Do you love the way their home is decorated? Say so. Did his mother cook an incredible meal? Tell her so. Just make sure you’re being genuine, as people know a fake compliment when they hear one.

And don’t forget to say nice things about your sugar daddy, too. He’s likely very well-loved by his family, and they’ll want to see that you appreciate him as much as they do. They want to see him in a healthy, loving relationship, and this is your chance to show them that his heart is safe with you.

6.      DON’T stay too late

Again, if you and your sugar daddy plan on showing up to the upcoming family get-together as a twosome, it’s fine to follow his lead on when to say your goodbyes and see yourselves out. But if you came alone, it’s essential to ensure you don’t overstay your welcome, as nothing is worse than a houseguest who must be asked to leave.

For example, if you were invited to someone’s home for dinner, it’s customary to stay through dessert and – if it’s on the agenda – an after-dinner coffee or cocktail. But after that, it’s time to thank your host for their hospitality, tell everyone how nice it was to meet them, and excuse yourself.

At the end of the day, making a terrific impression on a sugar daddy’s family isn’t much different from making one in any other social situation where it counts. Just be yourself, exercise caution when choosing conversation topics, and basically just be a good guest in every sense of the world. Your daddy’s family will surely love you as much as he does.