Although a lot can go wrong when sugar dating and make a particular sugar daddy a lousy match for you, money troubles are among the most serious. Whether people want to admit it or not, money is incredibly important. Not having enough of it or being with a sugar daddy who mismanages it can make your life harder than it has to be.

That’s why financial red flags that suggest a sugar daddy you’re dating has a poor relationship with money are nothing to ignore. Here are a few that indicate you’re headed for trouble if something isn’t done pronto.

1.      He’s constantly borrowing money from you.

Anyone can wind up facing a financial emergency that leaves them unexpectedly strapped for cash, but emergencies are exactly that – once in a while occurrences. So, if your sugardaddy constantly needs to hit you, his parents, or his other loved ones up for extra cash just to get by, something’s wrong. This is a clear sign you might have mistakenly started a relationship with a Splenda daddy rather than a sugar daddy.

He could be in the habit of living beyond his means (somewhat common among sugardaddies), or it’s possible he simply has an irresponsible attitude about money management. Either way, you’ll need to consider whether you really have the time or energy to teach a grown man how to stick to a budget.

2.      He has nothing to show for years of work.

Let’s face it. Life’s rough, and a nice living doesn’t come cheap, so most men aren’t going to be super well off yet if they’re still young and have only just started working. But a man who’s spent years as a gainfully employed working adult should have something to show for his efforts.

Be careful of men who’ve worked for years but somehow don’t have any assets, investments, or savings whatsoever. That’s a financial red flag that he misspends his money or simply doesn’t consider it important to plan for the future.

3.      He pays his share reluctantly (if at all).

If you’re stuck with a guy like this, you undoubtedly already know it. He never picks up the tab when you go out together or is proactive about paying for anything. He might even give you a hard time about sharing expenses, always with a handy excuse ready as to why you should have to cover something all by yourself yet again.

Don’t waste your time on a guy like this. Not only do freeloaders rarely change their ways, but you deserve better than the hassle of trying to reform one. You’d be better off trading him in for a generous man who enjoys being a sugar daddy and spoiling his woman instead of mooching off her.

4.      He can’t seem to hold down a job.

As with financial emergencies, anyone can wind up facing job troubles. Employers downsize, and jobs occasionally don’t work out the way one hopes. But again, these should be highly sporadic occurrences, not a pattern you can count on when it comes to someone you’re dating.

If your guy is constantly out of a job or seems to be starting a new one every single year, if not every few months, something’s very wrong. At best, it’s a sign the person has trouble getting along with others, staying the course with things they start, or both – not traits any self-respecting woman wants in a partner.

5.      He tries to control you financially.

Any controlling behavior in a partner is a huge red flag that shouldn’t be ignored, so take note if a man thinks he has a right to dictate anything about your own relationship with money. Does he try to tell you what to spend your money on or how to manage your savings? Does he pout and sulk when you insist on doing things your way regardless?

This is a huge red flag that a man doesn’t think his partner can or should have any financial autonomy. And if he’s like this now, just imagine how he’ll be once you’re married or have children together.

6.      He lies about money.

Liars make terrible partners any way you look at it, but it’s especially bad when someone habitually lies about money. You need to be able to trust your partner to help you save for the future, manage your mutual assets responsibly, and respect money in all the ways a person should.

So be wary of someone who does things like hiding cash or lying about debts. At best, this is someone incapable of discussing complex or important topics like a rational adult. But you could well be dealing with someone who could completely ruin the two of you financially without your even knowing about it until it’s too late.

Ultimately, money is much too important to tolerate a partner who doesn’t take it seriously or treat it responsibly. Run, don’t walk, away from red flags like these and others. You’ll be better off in the long run.