One of the most common misconceptions people tend to have about self-awareness is that pretty much everyone already has it. After all, you’re already you, so it makes sense to assume you’d know yourself pretty well. But accurate self-awareness is about more than that, and it’s essential to develop yours if you’re the type of sugar baby who’s serious about leading her best life.

Self-awareness is an important part of identifying your true strengths and weaknesses. It helps you analyze your habits and tendencies, so you can better understand why you do what you do. And most importantly, becoming more self-aware as a sugar baby helps you start moving toward the life you want to live. Here are some key questions to ask yourself when you’re ready to begin the process.

1.      What do you like least about yourself?

Thanks to years of social conditioning, it’s often significantly easier for the average sugar baby to name things she doesn’t like about herself than things she does, but no worries. That’s a perfect place to start your personal development journey.

What would you most like to change about yourself, given the opportunity to change anything you wanted? Maybe you wish you were in better shape, better at finishing things you start, or better at staying in touch with your family. Naming weaknesses is the first step toward overcoming them, so start there.

2.      What do you like most about yourself?

Confident sugar babies may find answering this question easier than most, but it’s an important one for everyone on a self-awareness journey to answer. Consciously identifying and naming your best qualities helps introduce and reinforce the idea that you truly deserve the best in life.

And while it’s OK to list qualities you know others like about you, you definitely want to make sure you personally agree with all the examples. For example, your friends and family may love that you’re agreeable and easy to get along with, but you might not like that about yourself if you’re trying to work on being more assertive.

3.      Where do you want to be in five years?

There’s a really good reason so many job interviews include this question. It tells you a lot about the person answering it, including what their take is on setting goals and planning for the future might be. It also tells you what that person dreams about or aspires to. It can clue you into what’s most important to them, too.

So now it’s time to ask yourself this question. Five years from now, do you hope to have a family or a career? How about a better, healthier relationship with a specific type of sugar daddy? You don’t need to be overly detailed here. A general picture of what you’d like your future to look like is plenty good enough.

4.      What are you grateful for?

Everyone’s told to count their blessings in life, but most people don’t do that nearly often enough. They typically just say a few grateful words to their loved ones around the Thanksgiving table or on special occasions and call it a day. But any sugar baby on a self-awareness journey needs to do this more often.

Even if life is really hard for you right now, you almost certainly still have advantages you’re grateful for. Maybe it’s stunning good looks, excellent health, wonderful friends, or a sugar daddy who rocks your world. It can be anything, big or small. And in cases where those things are about other people, take things one step further and let them know.

5.      What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Even if you’re not a terribly motivated sugar baby, you still have something that drives you and more or less gets you out of bed in the morning. Some of those things are probably practical in nature – like your basic bodily needs, a pet who needs you, or a partner who loves you.

Others will be more abstract – the things that keep you moving forward in life on a general level. What are your passions and values? What aspects of your routine and lifestyle are currently related to them? What brings you joy or makes you look forward to waking up and facing the day?

6.      Who do you look up to and why?

Last but definitely not least, you’ll want to look at what qualities cause you to look at someone else with admiration, respect, or gratitude. Knowing what you admire in others is often the key to figuring out what kind of person you’d like to be.

From there, you can start considering what you can do or change about your approach to life to be more like these people. You’ll be on your way to a better, more complete sense of self-awareness in no time.