Our modern society is full of conflicting messages about relationships. From the time we’re all little, we’re told relationships take work but also that the right person for you will be someone who’s easy to love exactly as they are. People are supposed to be willing to compromise while also being unwilling to sacrifice their principles.

The whole point of being a sugar baby instead of dating the traditional way is not settling for the same frustrating, confusing relationships you see other women making do with. You’re right to want certain things out of your relationships, as well as to expect them. Here are some prime examples.

1.      You deserve to know where your relationship is headed

Naturally, there are all sorts of different approaches to relationships these days. Many sugar babies prefer a more casual, moment-to-moment approach to relationships, but others really do want something more traditional from their sugar daddies – perhaps even marriage and kids.

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, you’re right to expect to know where your relationship is headed. You also deserve to know what exactly your daddy’s intentions are if he wants to move in together, asks to have more of your time, or expects you to be exclusively devoted to him.

2.      You’re entitled to your own space

Sure, there are sugar daddies and sugar babies who prefer to spend every last second of their free time together, but that’s not the norm. Most sugarers get into sugar dating in the first place because they want more personal space and freedom, not less.

It’s healthy to want one (or several) of your free evenings to yourself once in a while. Some people need more space and alone time than others, there’s nothing wrong with that, and you have every right to expect to get it without it being a big deal.

3.      You have a right to gifts you actually want

Don’t let anyone tell you that gift-giving isn’t important. How a person approaches this aspect of a relationship is telling – especially in a sugar situation where being spoiled and pampered is supposed to come with the territory.

That said, you have a right to expect your sugar daddy to care what you’d like when it comes to Christmas gifts, “just because” presents, and all the rest of it. If you prefer experiences to things or practical gifts to extravagant ones, your sugar daddy should care about that instead of simply gifting you what he thinks you should want.

4.      You deserve to be loved the way you need to be

Every sugar baby has her own love language – the type of love another person can give her that makes her feel especially appreciated and cherished. Some feel most loved by their sugar daddies when they receive compliments or gifts, while others are all about quality time or physical touch.

Whatever your love language happens to be, you’re right to expect your sugar daddy to want to learn to speak it (within reason). After all, you no doubt go out of your way to show your loved ones they matter by doing and saying the things you know they especially appreciate, right? Why shouldn’t others do the same for you?

5.      You should expect to be a priority

Naturally, it’s not realistic (or healthy) to expect to be your sugar daddy’s whole world. After all, sugar daddies are busy guys with demanding jobs and entire lives to live outside of their relationships with their sugar babies. But you do have the right to expect to be a priority.

You should be more than just a way to pass the time to anyone you’re dating. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you two have decided your connection is a more casual one. You still deserve to have your time respected and to be treated like time spent with you is something special to treasure.

6.      You should expect that your opinions be respected

You and your sugar daddy don’t necessarily have to agree on everything or share all the same values and interests. But you should feel free to be yourself and express your opinions and preferences without having to worry about being disrespected. This includes everything from your political and religious stances to your tastes in food and music.

And you have the right to walk away from anyone you feel doesn’t accept you for who you are. You’re a beautiful, valuable sugar baby whom any sugar daddy should feel grateful to call his own. Don’t waste your time on anyone who refuses to see your worth and treat you accordingly.

At the end of the day, every sugar baby should have standards – both for herself and for any sugar daddy who wants to date her. It’s essential to understand that that means you, too.