While it’s true that every sugar daddy is different as far as what traits he likes most in a sugar baby, there’s one trait that pretty much everyone finds equally attractive – confidence. When a person shows that they’re hyper-confident and utterly comfortable in their own skin, they instantly become exponentially more appealing.

In fact, confidence is often the X-factor that sets a particular sugar baby apart from the pack wherever she goes and whatever she does. Here’s a look at some of the key things hyper-confident sugar babies do differently, and the proven factors that make you irresistible to others.

1.     They don’t sweat the haters

Anytime someone has anything awesome going for her – whether that’s beauty, intelligence, talent, or a great relationship – she’s going to attract a mix of admirers and haters. And the higher you rise in life, the more you can expect that to be the case for you.

That said, every sugar baby will need to learn how to keep her haters from getting to her at some point. Refuse to let it bother you if a frenemy doesn’t like your outfit today or a relative you don’t get along with insists on making snide comments. Focus instead on those who love, support, and encourage you the way they should.

2.     They know themselves inside and out

Have you ever noticed how the most confident women you know always manage to give the impression that they have everything under control? It’s not that they’re never scared, upset, or uncertain, as everyone who’s human feels those things from time to time. It’s that they’re super self-aware and genuinely know themselves on a deep level.

Hyper-confident sugar babies are forever striving to be the best possible versions of themselves. However, they also accept themselves for who they are, flaws and limits included. They’re women who know when to push themselves and when to fall back because they’re well aware of what they can handle and when.

3.     They don’t believe in settling

Sadly, many women still deal with incredible social pressure to be the very opposite of strong and confident. Starting in childhood, they receive numerous messages that tell them their needs and wants aren’t as important as other people’s. And they’re encouraged to settle for “good enough” instead of holding out for what they know they want, need, and deserve.

Hyper-confident sugar babies refuse to buy into that mindset, even if they’re surrounded by people who think that way. If they know in their gut that a situation isn’t right for them, they don’t wait around hoping that they’re wrong. Instead, they move along, secure in the knowledge that when something’s right, it will actually feel right.

4.     They do what they know is right

Hyper-confident sugar babies don’t just have convictions and a solid sense of loyalty when it comes to the people they care about most. They’re not afraid to stand up for others and do the right thing no matter what, even if it’s difficult.

In other words, hyper-confident sugar babies are women of their word. They don’t gossip about others, and they aren’t afraid to call other people out on their own poor behavior when it makes sense to do so, as well. They know that sometimes it falls to people like them to be voices of reason, and they aren’t afraid to rise to the occasion.

5.     They’re not slaves to trends

A hyper-confident sugar baby may well be curious about what’s trendy at a given time. She may even adopt a trend or two if she decides they fit her personal vibe. What she doesn’t do is worry about whether anything about the way she looks or lives her life is stylish or cool enough to suit everybody else.

She knows what she likes and what looks good on her, and she rocks it like a boss without a second thought. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a hyper-confident sugar baby to be the type of woman who sets trends for other women to follow instead of the other way around.

6.     They don’t let anyone get the better of them

This includes the men she dates. If she finds herself dating a rich sugar daddy who turns out to be more of a salt daddy, she doesn’t sit around wondering where she went wrong to make things play out that way. She puts the guy in his place before going out and getting better for herself, even if that means simply being single for a while.

Because a hyper-confident sugar baby knows she’s enough in and of herself. Good friends, a loving sugar daddy, and all the rest of it are simply icing on the cake. So get to work channeling your inner rock star and cultivating your own confidence today. It’s truly a game-changer.