There’s no such thing as a bad time to look your absolute head-turning best, because looking hotter makes pretty much any situation better. Punching things up in the hotness department can help you channel your inner boss babe on a low-energy day when you really need it. And it can certainly help you make a sparkling first impression on a new sugar daddy.

That said, it helps to have a few go-to tricks to fall back on. Here are a few any sugar baby could benefit from knowing when she needs easy access to a sexiness upgrade in a pinch.

1.     Strut your stuff

Have you ever caught yourself specifically noticing the way somebody walks? If so, then you already know that someone’s walk can be either a major turn-on or a completely off-putting turn-off. A sugar baby’s walk can be the same, so pay attention to yours.

Walk with your shoulders back and your head held high, even if you’re not feeling particularly confident. And strut deliberately with grace and purpose. Never slouch, slump, or schlep along like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders, even if that’s how you feel.

2.     Turn up the color

There’s a reason why beauty details like red lipstick, red nails, or red shoes and accessories are considered so iconic. It’s because red is famous for helping someone stand out, get noticed, or make a stronger impression than they otherwise might.

So if you want a really easy way to be a significantly hotter sugar baby instantly, reach for the red, because it looks good on everyone. It’s simply a matter of finding a shade that works well with your coloring and personality.

3.     Play up a star feature

Every sugar baby has a feature or two that really make her stand out. Maybe for you, it’s a pair of long legs, a luxurious head of hair, or eyes that sparkle like twinkling stars. Whatever the case may be, putting a look together that accentuates those features is an easy way to transform yourself into an absolute smoke show.

Not exactly sure what your best features are? Which ones do people compliment you on the most often? What are your supportive sugar daddies constantly telling you they love about your looks? Take what they say to heart.

4.     Practice healthy self-care

Health and beauty absolutely go hand in hand, so taking care of yourself isn’t optional if you’re serious about looking (and feeling) your hottest. So when you really need to be sure you look your best, double down on your self-care routine.

Get a good night’s sleep, exercise, eat well, and drink plenty of water. And stay away from stress and negativity to the greatest extent possible. Treating yourself to an emergency facial, a massage, or a fresh blowout certainly wouldn’t hurt, either.

5.     Leverage the power of touch

Not everything that makes you appear hotter, sexier, and more attractive is explicitly about looks. Some things are all about the power of suggestion, as with putting the power of human-to-human contact to work for you.

A seemingly casual brush of the hand or some lingering touch at just the right time can create sizzling sexual tension. And it can definitely make you seem lightyears sexier to a sugar daddy who’s already completely enchanted by you.

6.     Radiate happiness and positivity

Have you ever known someone who never failed to make you feel better just by being around? If you think about why that was, you’ll probably realize that they smiled a lot, laughed without reservation, and always had a way of seeing the best in everything and everyone.

That’s the power of positivity at work, so don’t be afraid to take a few cues on that front yourself. Nix the complaining and the venting. Instead, smile. Talk about positive, happiness-inducing things. Fake it ‘til you make it if you have to. You’ll not only make those around you feel better, but you’ll make yourself happier, as well.

7.     Focus on your skin and hair

Smooth, shiny hair and a lovely, creamy complexion are assets every sugar baby should seek to achieve and maintain. Human beings are hardwired to respond to signs of good health, and beautiful hair and skin are among the most powerful and universally prized.

So when in doubt, focus on making sure your hair and skin look extra amazing. It shows sugar daddies and onlookers alike that you value yourself and consider it important to maintain good hygiene habits.

Society may insist that beauty is only skin-deep, but that doesn’t change the fact that beauty, sex appeal, and magnetism are potent things that turn heads and make strong impressions on other people. So always make the most of yours. You won’t be sorry.