Although there’s more to captivating a particularly desirable sugar daddy than simple first impressions, there’s no denying that they do matter. After all, the sugar bowl is full of other sugar babies, and most daddies absolutely know it.

For that reason, all it really takes to dissolve a prospective sugar daddy’s initial interest is for a would-be sugar baby to unintentionally trigger one of his big turnoffs. But thankfully, most men share many of the same ones, so it’s pretty easy to know what to avoid. Here are a few examples.

1.     Too Much Phone Time

Smartphones are almost universally considered essential these days, so no one actually expects you to show up to a date without yours. But keep in mind that your date is looking forward to getting to know you, not watching you play with your phone (which is a big turnoff).

So turn your phone off (or at least set it to “silent”), and put it away out of sight. Give your date your full attention instead. There’s plenty of time to catch up on your texts and social media feeds later.

2.      Lack of Kindness

No one actually enjoys being around another person who’s insensitive, inconsiderate, or just plain unkind, but you’ll find most sugar daddies especially dislike it. A good sugar baby is sweet-tempered, good-natured, and a sheer joy to be around in every way.

That said, you’ll want to let this side of your personality show when you’re out on your sugar dates. Acting too aloof to care about anything or anyone won’t make your prospective daddy think you’re cool or worthwhile. Potential sugar daddies like sweet, kind girls capable of brightening their lives, just by being who they are.

3.     Too Much Self-Criticism

It probably goes without saying that generous sugar daddies are turned off by narcissistic sugar babies who think they’re God’s gift to the sugar bowl. But it’s definitely also possible to swing too far in the other direction.

While an ability to be self-deprecating can be a positive, attractive quality, a penchant for heavy-handed self-criticism is not. Sugar daddies want confident sugar babies who are comfortable in their own skins and don’t seem to feel a constant need to put themselves down, deny compliments, and so forth.

4.     Faking Common Threads

Everyone likes realizing they’ve just met someone who’s totally into a lot of the same things they are. And the more obscure or niched the interests, the greater the delight in meeting a kindred spirit – especially within a dating context.

But no one likes a person who simply pretends to like the same things and be knowledgeable about them just to make a good impression. It’s only a matter of time before they realize they’ve been lied to. Sugar daddies would far rather their sugar babies ask about interests they don’t share and be curious enough to learn about them.

5.     Overdone Looks

Every sugar daddy wants and appreciates a beautiful sugar baby who cares about how she looks and takes good care of herself. But it’s definitely possible to have too much of a good thing going on – case in point, makeup.

Most men don’t particularly care for a lot of makeup on a woman, but a turnoff for sugar daddies in particular is someone who wears too much or simply takes their look too far. So choose simple, natural hairstyles and apply makeup with a light hand. Really, it’s better to do too little in this department than too much.

6.     Rushing Toward Seriousness

Most sugar daddies made the switch to sugaring in the first place because they were tired of the typical irritations that can make traditional dating such a chore. Yes, drama and game-playing are part of that equation, but a big turnoff for sugar daddies are potential partners who expect to get serious way too fast.

Most sugar daddies do eventually hope to be in a long-term relationship with the right intelligent sugar baby. But they’re not so desperate for it that they’re willing to commit to just anyone. So definitely just focus on having a nice time with someone you’ve just started seeing. Cross the rest of those relationship bridges when you get to them.

7.     Lack of Gratitude

Sugar daddies are gallant guys almost as a rule, meaning they love to spoil their dates and pull out all the stops showing them a good time. But don’t let the fact that your date likely really enjoys making you feel special stop you from showing enough gratitude.

Men who aren’t afraid to let their chivalrous, romantic side show want women who acknowledge their efforts and act grateful for them. You don’t necessarily need to gush, of course, but a sweet smile and a winning compliment is a must. Being cold and not showing gratitude can turnoff a potential sugar daddy.

Ultimately, first sugar dates are like job interviews in that each party is trying to get a good idea of who the other person is and what can be expected of them. Make sure you show your date the best of who you are.