Naturally, every woman is different when it comes to what she wants most out of life, including love. Some like the idea of leading an adventurous life, while others are happier staying closer to home and keeping things simple. However, some things should be considered non-negotiable for the men a woman dates.

Even twenty years into the 21st century, many women are still raised to be cheerful, mild-mannered, and agreeable without limit. And while those are fine qualities to have, it’s vital to acknowledge your own needs and expect that they be met, as well. That said, here’s a list of relationship must-haves to upgrade from “nice-to-have perks” to “bottom-line requirements,” effective right now.

1.      Respectful Honesty

Never let anyone tell you you’re asking too much for expecting the men you date to be honest with you. Life is challenging enough, so the last thing you need is a partner you can’t simply take at his word. You deserve a guy who loves you and respects himself enough to tell it like it is and stand by what he says.

However, he should be tactful enough not to take honesty too far, as well. The world is full of people who pride themselves on being brutally honest when they’re actually just mean. You deserve someone who understands it’s possible to be frank without also being cruel.

2.      Reliability

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how great-looking and funny someone is if you can’t count on him. The right man for you doesn’t play games or leave you hanging. Instead, he calls, texts, and shows up for plans you’ve made when he said he will, and not a moment later. Deliberately and habitually leaving somebody waiting is nothing short of a power play, and you deserve better than that.

3.      Financial Stability

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a relationship with a man-child, then you already know how important this is. The right man for you is as hard-working and as invested in his future as you are in yours. In other words, he believes in paying his way in life and cares about building a bright future for himself, for his future partner, and for the family he might have down the line. So, skip the jobless wonders in favor of mature, ambitious men who are going places.

4.      Pride in His Relationship

A man who treats you well and says he’s proud to be with you in private isn’t a good man unless he’s also showing that’s the case in front of others. If you’re keeping things casual or otherwise not exclusive, it’s one thing. But if you’re officially committed, and he says you’re the one he wants to be with, he should acknowledge your relationship in front of his friends and family, on social media, and so forth.

5.      Genuine Affection

Genuinely good men aren’t selfish and inconsiderate, not in the bedroom and not anywhere else. The man you deserve cares about your feelings and wants you to feel loved, worshiped, and adored, especially when it comes to intimacy of any kind. So, if the guy you’re with now is making you feel any other way, maybe it’s time to think about trading him in for someone better.

6.      Loving Support

If you’re like most women, you know what it’s like to have a girlfriend who’s jealous of you or someone else you know. But you should be aware that male romantic partners can be that way, too. So, steer clear of men who don’t support you in going after your dreams or cheer when you score a big win.

The right man for you not only isn’t threatened by your accomplishments but is so proud of you that he can’t help but let it show. He encourages you to go after what you want in life and understands that you need more than to be someone else’s cheerleader for the rest of yours.

7.        Five-Star Treatment

There are far too many men these days who expect their partners to cater to their every whim, want, and need but won’t hear of ever returning the favor. Reject the belief that this is a normal state of affairs that you just have to accept. The man who deserves to be with you won’t just insist on treating you like a princess but genuinely enjoys doing it.

That said, wanting to be protected and spoiled a little doesn’t make you any less of a strong, independent woman. There are good men out there who take pride in treating the women in their lives well, and you deserve to be with one of them. So expect more from your dating life, and decide right now that you’re not willing to settle for less. You’ll wind up glad you did.