It’s a common misconception that only women like compliments and need to hear plenty of them in order to feel loved enough in their relationships. Men love them just as much, but most don’t hear them anywhere near often enough. This includes the sugar daddies out there who seem to have it all together.

That said, no two sugar daddies are exactly alike, so each is different as far as which compliments are truly music to his ears. But there are certain ones literally every daddy long to hear from his sugar baby a lot more often. Here are some great examples to make a note of and put into play yourself.

1.      “I love you exactly as you are”

Women aren’t the only ones who dream of finding a partner who loves them for them – not just for what they do, the ways they’re useful, and specific isolated characteristics they might bring to the table. Love is about accepting the entire package of who a person is, and there’s nothing like hearing confirmation from a partner that that’s finally happened for you.

2.      “You’re so sexy”

This is another way sugar daddies and sugar babies have a lot in common when it comes to how they most like to be complimented. Your sugar daddy is well aware of the way you knock his socks off in the sexy department. He’d love to hear confirmation that you feel the same way about him, especially if it’s obvious he’s been working out or otherwise actively trying to be sexier.

3.      “I feel so safe with you”

Most men, especially old-fashioned sugar daddy types, consider it a top priority to make sure their ladies feel not only loved but protected. So if your daddy makes you feel super safe, protected, and cared for, be sure to let him know once in a while. Because he’d love to know for sure that he’s doing a great job.

4.      “I love it when you ____”

You can fill in that blank up there with just about anything your sugar daddy does that makes you feel extra loved or super grateful that he’s yours. Not only does this let him know that what he’s doing truly makes you happy, but it also reinforces the behavior you like and that works for you within your relationship.

5.      “I’m so lucky to be with you”

Every sugar daddy loves hearing this from his sugar baby because it sends a simple but very clear message – that you not only love him but really feel like you hit the jackpot when you chose him. Every guy likes to feel like he’s everything his lady could ever want, and hearing this from you assures him that he is.

6.      “Can you give me some advice?”

Whether he admits it to himself or not, every sugar daddy likes to feel needed and essential, even if he knows his sugar baby is totally the independent type. Genuinely asking him for his advice on something he’s knowledgeable about shows him that you do need him and that you trust him to shoot you straight when it comes to things that are important to you.

7.      “You’re so knowledgeable about ____”

If your sugar daddy is like most, he takes a lot of pride in the things he’s good at and knowledgeable about. And, naturally, he loves to hear that his sugar baby not only notices how proficient he is but finds it impressive. So compliment him on whatever his special area of expertise is. It’ll make him feel ten feet tall.

8.      “You’re so funny”

Everyone loves to be thought of as entertaining and fun to be around, including your sugar daddy. Many men choose to invoke these feelings in others by using humor, telling jokes, and basically doing anything they can to make people laugh. So if you find your sugar daddy to be as hilarious as he hopes you do, tell him so. Better yet, laugh with him and play along with him when he’s cracking his jokes.

9.      “You really inspire me”

Healthy relationships include two incredible people who bring out the very best in each other. But when life gets really hectic, it’s all too easy to forget to let a partner know just how great a job they’re doing. So, when you do notice that your sugar daddy’s handled something exceptionally well or otherwise just done something awesome, take a moment to tell him how much he inspires you.

Even a few small words here and there can make a big difference in making your sugar daddy feel like the most incredible man alive, so don’t be shy when it comes to telling him how you feel about him. Trust us when we say he really wants to hear it.