If you’re open to dating older sugar daddies, it’s also a good idea to figure out how you feel about dating one who already has kids. Because although there are plenty of exceptions, many sugar daddies have been married before and have had at least one child.

But while dating a father can be great, children also bring challenges to the table that it’s essential to be prepared for. Here’s a look at some of the most important dos and don’ts to keep in mind if the daddy you’ve got your eye on happens to be a dad.

Do understand what you’re getting into

Dating a sugar daddy who already has kids is nothing if not challenging, so it’s important to understand that right up front. And yes, this is the case even if you adore kids and get along famously with them.

Having kids to think about changes a sugar daddy’s priorities as far as whom he’ll date, what kind of relationship he’s looking for, and how he’ll feel about getting serious in the future. And many children don’t care for the idea of their dad dating someone other than their mom, so it can take time to establish a bond there.

Don’t date a dad who’s hung up on his ex

Realizing you’re dating a man who’s still not quite over his ex is complicated as it is. Even in cases where he’s ready to date, you need to make sure he’s able to properly manage any lingering issues there and keep them from affecting your relationship.

Now imagine how much more complicated things become when there are children involved. Your sugar daddy’s ex will always be in the picture when that’s the case, so it’s important to make sure everything’s as it should be with that relationship. An ex who’s unreasonable or for whom your daddy still has feelings can be a challenge you don’t care to take on.

Do know how he feels about having more kids

When you’re thinking seriously about sugar dating someone, the sooner you know whether you’re on the same page about having kids, the better. A divorced sugar daddy who already has children could occupy either side of that fence.

Often, daddies who already have a couple of kids have already closed that chapter in their lives and don’t want any more. But some are very much still interested in having more children with someone new. So, know what you want, and don’t ignore what he says he wants. Never assume a daddy’s feelings about continuing to grow his family (or not) will change.

Don’t jump into living together

When dating a sugar daddy with kids, it’s important to take things slowly. Do keep his kids in mind and remember that they’re part of the picture. But don’t let them distract you from getting to know their father and figuring out whether the two of you are right for one another.

And don’t jump into living together too soon, even if you really hit it off early and love the idea. Before that happens, it’s essential for everyone involved to get used to the situation and develop a rapport with one another. You’ll also need time to get accustomed to your new potential role in his children’s lives.

Do pick your battles

Every sugar daddy comes complete with a life of his own – a life that’s not going to change but so much, even if you fit into the mix well. But this is even more the case if the dad you’re dating has children. Instead of building a family and home life together, you’ll really be moving into one that already existed before you got there.

Not only is it important to accept that, but it’s crucial to realize that you simply won’t have control over certain things. Some fights you simply can’t win, while others aren’t your business at all. So, learn to pick your battles and be prepared to simply accept certain things.

Don’t forget to prioritize quality time

Most sugar daddies are busy as it is, but a guy who’s also a father will be even busier. That makes it even more important that you be able to make room in your schedule to get together when your sugar daddy is available.

Get a feel for your daddy’s preferred routine. Accept that he’ll likely be splitting his free time between you and his children, especially in the beginning stages before you know the kids personally. Be adaptable and look for ways to make it work on your end. Your daddy will appreciate it, and it’s a good opportunity for you to make sure you like how everything’s working before getting more involved.