Relationships end all the time, and sometimes it’s even a huge relief when they do. But none of that makes the process of actually being the one to end things any easier. After all, this is a sugar daddy you potentially saw a future with at one point and likely still care about. The last thing you want to do is hurt them or finish things out on bad terms.

Thankfully, ending a relationship doesn’t have to be as awkward and uncomfortable as it probably feels a lot of the time. It is possible to end things with class and finesse, even when ending a toxic relationship. Here are some expert tips every sugar baby should keep in mind.

1.     Get clear on what you want and why

If you’re the type of sugar baby who breaks up with her sugar daddies first and asks herself questions later, it’s officially time to reverse that. There’s nothing worse than having regrets after a breakup, even if you’re still pretty sure it was the right thing to do.

So before you end things with your sugar daddy, make sure you know what you’re really trying to accomplish by doing so and why. Do you really want him out of your life? Or do you just want more freedom and appreciation? Make sure breaking up is the only way to get what you want before you go that route.

2.     Do it in person

Granted, it’s a lot easier to break up with someone when you don’t have to see the hurt in their eyes when you do it. And choosing a context where you don’t have to potentially listen to them cry or plead with you for another chance is technically even easier. But that’s not the way a classy sugar baby does things, especially if she wants things to end on decent terms.

So resist the urge to break up with a sugar daddy – even a casual one – over email, text, social media, or even the phone. Instead, do it in person. Arrange to meet up somewhere semi-neutral, and say what you need to say sooner rather than later. Drawing things out will only make it worse for both of you.

3.     Be direct and honest

Many women are socially conditioned to be less direct when communicating and to beat around the bush in an effort to spare the other person’s feelings whenever they have something difficult to say. But being that way is a recipe for disaster when you’re ending a relationship with a sugar daddy.

Being too ambiguous or softening your words too much can unintentionally leave the door open for getting back together down the line – or at least that’s how your daddy may see it, especially if he’s not used to taking no for an answer. So be direct. It’s fine to be kind, but you also need to say what you need to say in no uncertain terms.

4.     Plan things out in advance

A relationship that’s fairly new or that’s relatively casual may not come with as many factors to consider when it comes to separating your lives after your breakup. But most relationships – even when you’re not living together – do come with mutual connections and other complications to consider.

That said, it’s important to think things through and go into your breakup with a plan. If you need to move, have another situation lined up first. If you need to figure out some money issues, do that, too. Always go into any breakup prepared to walk straight out the door when you’re done.

5.     Consider his feelings

When ending a relationship (or dealing with other people in any capacity, really), it’s always a good idea to treat the person how you’d want to be treated if the shoe were on the other foot. Do be direct, but also consider his feelings. Do make yourself clear, but also be respectful of your sugar daddy as a fellow human being.

If you think you can both handle it, it’s OK to talk things through a little bit. Sugar daters tend to be fairly reasonable people as a rule, and chances are you’re both better off walking away with a little closure. Again, when in doubt, just handle things how you’d want them handled if you were the one on the receiving end of a breakup.

Ultimately, breakups never feel good on either end if things. But they’re healthier and involve fewer hurt feelings when both people involved are considerate of one another. This is especially the case for the one ending things.

Firmness is key, but a little compassion goes a long way toward leaving you both with your hearts (and your memories of one another intact). So do things that way. You’ll both be glad you did.