Although it’s a fantastic feeling to be an independent woman who’s got her life together all on her own, even the strongest can’t deny that it also feels good to be spoiled rotten. Admit it. When you see it happening to your friends and other women around you, you secretly wish you were in the same position, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s high time you realized that getting the royal treatment from men isn’t just something that happens to other women. It should and can be happening for you, too. You just need to know what to do to get it. Here’s a closer look at how to cross over to the other side and finally find out what it’s like to be treated like royalty.

Choose the right man in the first place.

Before you can get on the road to the royal treatment, you need to accept a brutal truth first. Not every man even has what it takes to spoil the woman in his life, so you need to be more discriminating about who you date. The men who treat women like royalty are wealthy, successful, emotionally mature, and affluent.

They’re proud of who they are and what they’ve achieved. They also love to show that by sharing their good fortune with the special people in their lives, particularly when it comes to the women they’re dating. A high-quality man knows his lady’s quality of life reflects on him, and he won’t hear of her enjoying anything less than the very best standard of living.

That said, it’s essential to look at a man’s spending habits before taking up with him, as well. There are affluent men out there who are so stingy with what they have, they might as well be poor. So steer clear of men who refuse to spend even on themselves. If a wealthy man won’t even spoil himself, he’s not about to spoil you or anyone else.

Present yourself as a woman of value.

Important, affluent men know a good thing when they see one. They can spot a good investment at twenty paces, and they love to invest in high-quality things. Your job is to make sure the man in your life sees you in that light – valuable, worthwhile, and expensive. The rest will take care of itself.

You do this by spoiling yourself first. Get used to seeing yourself as deserving of the finer things in life, and then treat yourself that way. Take the time to dress well, maintain your appearance, and take care of your body. Carry yourself like a princess. Put yourself on par with the finer things an important man appreciates, and he won’t be able to help but treat you accordingly.

Make him work to win you.

Rich, powerful, desirable men love the feeling of facing challenges head-on and winning. That said, you do want to make yourself available. Make sure he knows you’re willing to consider him if he’s willing to work to win you like the prize that you are. But don’t make it too easy on him.

Be available, but not too available. People always attach a higher value to resources in short supply, so be one of those resources. Play a little hard to get. Look, act, and conduct yourself like a beautiful trophy to be won, and watch how your man responds by showering you with attention and wonderful things.

Have something to offer.

Every woman who knows she’s walking, talking royalty deep down has something about her that’s several cuts above what other women bring to the table. So what’s your special something? Maybe it’s your smoking hot body, gorgeous head of hair, and perfect face. Or it could be your brains, talents, ambition, or value as a potential business partner.

Whatever it is, put it to work for you in your quest to get your man to spoil you rotten. Not only should your man be able to see your value in comparison to everyone else out there, but he should know that you see it, too. When he knows you know you have options, he’ll work harder to make sure you choose him.

Always be your very best.

Hassles like fat days, bad hair days, and low-energy days are for other women. Expensive, well-spoiled women wouldn’t be caught dead feeling that way about themselves, let alone looking like it, so it’s essential to dedicate yourself to always being your very best.

Always look your best and carry yourself like the million-dollar princess you know you are. Be one of those magical, positively bewitching women who leave everyone else wondering how on earth they do it. That’s the kind of woman the best men are looking to spoil. So try it, and see for yourself! You’ll be glad you did.