So many women are woefully unhappy with their love life, in general, and they never really stop to ask themselves why. The thing is, men who don’t know how to treat the women in their lives are only part of the problem. The rest is about the low bar so many women have been socialized to set for their partners.

That said, life is fairer than you think because people really do tend to get what they settle for. So don’t let anyone tell you that there’s something wrong with you for wanting a partner who actually values you, treats you well, and maybe even spoils you a little. You’re right to want, need, and expect more from the sugar daddies you date, and there’s no time like the present to start.

You’re right to demand respect.

Contrary to what some people believe, the “real men” out there are not the ones who throw their weight around and demand that their women know their places. They’re the men who treat other people with respect, their partners most of all.

A good sugardaddy won’t ever try to control you or erode your self-esteem by calling you names or doing things he knows will hurt you. He’s someone who respects the boundaries you set, praises your strengths, and supports you in all that you do. He knows that being willing to help his partner become more doesn’t mean he’s worth less.

You’re right to want his time.

Good, healthy relationships thrive on plenty of quality time spent together. Of course, this isn’t to mean your man needs to spend literally all of his time and energy focused on you. He should be spending a decent chunk of his time and energy cultivating a career, doing things he enjoys, and taking care of himself.

However, a good man also treats his sugar baby like a priority. When someone or something is a priority to someone, they make the time instead of simply giving them what’s leftover at the end of the day. You’re right not to want to settle for a man who treats you like you’re last on the list when it comes to the things that are important to him.

You’re right to want to be spoiled a little.

There’s a reason so many high-value sugar babies out there eventually decide they’d rather be with a sugar daddy than yet another man who not only doesn’t have much to share but isn’t even inclined to share what he has. It feels good to be spoiled from time to time and to know your man sees you as worth spending his resources on.

Yes, sweet gifts and romantic getaways can be part of this equation. But the real idea is to find a man for whom it’s second nature to be generous with everything he has. A man should definitely give freely of his time and affection to people he loves, but he should be giving with his other resources, as well.

You’re right to want to be considered.

Good men aren’t just out for themselves all the time. Yes, they treat themselves like priorities, but they also care how their choices and actions affect others around them. They always think things through from that angle before making major decisions, especially when it comes to how those decisions might affect their partners.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re expecting too much out of your relationships because you expect the men you date to consider you before doing something they know will affect you. A partner who doesn’t do this isn’t the kind, loving person you know deep down that you deserve.

You’re right to want an emotionally mature Sugar Daddy.

So many women these days are all too familiar with what it’s like to date an overgrown adult baby. There are a lot of low-value men out there who expect to go straight from having their mothers take care of them to having wives or girlfriends who are happy to do the same, and you’re right not to want to put up with that.

Being in a relationship shouldn’t give you more to worry about on top of all the responsibilities you already have. Having the right man in your life lightens the load. Such a man is a true partner in every sense of the world and wouldn’t dream of simply kicking back while his lady struggles to take care of everything for both of them. It’s well worth holding out for someone like that.

Ultimately, your choice of partners is much too important for you to settle for just anyone. You need and deserve someone who deserves to be with you, as well. Life’s just better when you’re spending it with an incredible partner at your side. Don’t let anyone convince you to settle for less.