Knowing how to attract and land a top-tier sugar daddy in the first place is only part of what it takes for a sugar baby to score the sugar relationship of her dreams. Once you’ve got him, you need to keep him, which isn’t as easy as it probably sounds – but is made easier if you get your sugar daddy addicted to you.

The best sugar daddies know for a fact that there are plenty of fish in the sea, so they’re not going to settle for just any sugar baby. She needs to be genuinely one of a kind – someone he honestly can’t imagine his life without. Here’s how to make sure you’re that kind of sugar baby.

Be casually confident

There’s nothing sexier, more appealing, or more addictive than a beautiful young woman who is genuinely comfortable in her own skin, so don’t be afraid to let your inner confidence show. Carry yourself with pride, take good care of yourself, and step out every day, secure in the knowledge that you’re a stone fox.

Just don’t overdo it. There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness, and treading this line is one of the things hyper-confident sugar babies do differently. Your sugar daddy doesn’t want someone insecure, but he doesn’t want to be with someone full of herself, either.

Tastefully boost his ego

Sugar daddies opt for sugar babies over traditional girlfriends for lots of reasons, but one of the most crucial is that they like feeling important, respected, and adored. So don’t be afraid to gas your sugar daddy up a little, and make sure he feels like the virile, powerful man he is.

But, again, it’s important not to go overboard or be insincere. Sugar daddies are astute enough that they can spot a fake a mile away, so by all means, compliment him and boost his ego. However, you should always be genuine in how you do this, and is a spectacular way to get your sugar daddy addicted to you.

Be his oasis from stress

Life’s tough for everyone. But if your supportive sugar daddy is like most, he probably balances a very stressful career with an equally demanding personal life. When his day is done, he needs to know he’s coming home to a soft place to fall, not yet another person with their own demands and expectations.

So be your daddy’s oasis – his paradise where the stresses and demands of the outside world don’t exist. Be enthusiastic about enjoying his company, be attentive to his needs, and spoil him absolutely rotten. It won’t be long before he’s hopelessly addicted to the love and care you shower on him.

Treat his loved ones like VIPs

Not every sugar relationship finds a sugar daddy involving his sugar baby in the rest of his social life. But if yours does, know that how you treat his friends, loved ones, and social contacts counts for a lot.

Always be kind, sociable, and wonderful to other people in your sugar daddy’s life. Treat his relatives, friends, and professional contacts with as much care as you’d treat your own. Do this even if you can’t stand the people in question because no sugar daddy will stay with someone who can’t get along with the rest of his inner circle. This goes such a long way to get your sugar daddy addicted to you.

Tell him how happy you are

Your sugar daddy definitely wants his sugar baby – you – to spoil him, dote on him, and make him feel like a king. But sugar daddies are generous men who love nothing more than to spoil their sugar babies in return. Yours wants to give you the fairytale and make all your dreams come true.

However, even the most attentive sugar daddy isn’t psychic, so it’s essential to ensure he knows how happy you are with him. Tell him often how much you adore him and appreciate everything he does for you. And if he’s the type to need a little reassurance now and then, don’t hesitate to give it to him.

Respect his need for space

Although some sugar daddies might seek to integrate their sugar relationships into the rest of their lives, most prefer to compartmentalize at least a little. Some are simply crazy busy at work or with personal obligations outside the office. Others may be introverted types who need more alone time than average.

Whatever the case may be for your daddy, always respect his need for space or alone time if he needs it. Don’t make a big deal out of it, and never attempt to make him feel guilty for not spending every second of his time with you instead of doing whatever it is he needs to do.

Irresistible sugar babies who are positively addictive are savvy young women who know how to be a man’s dream come true on every level. Be this for your daddy, and you never have to worry about him wanting something else. He’ll know he’s already got everything he could ever want.