So many sugar relationships come attached to that “too good to be true” feeling, especially in the beginning when everything’s brand new. This is the case even for formerly jaded people with long traditional dating histories. After all, the experience of being treated like gold by someone wonderful who’s your equal in every way is intoxicating.

However, it’s important to remember that sugar relationships are still relationships, so they’re not immune to disagreements, sticking points, and even rough patches. But they’re nothing you and your sugar sweetheart can’t get past with a bit of care, patience, and consideration. Here are a few tips for overcoming any challenges that might come your way.

When Misunderstandings Arise

No matter how idyllic it might be, any relationship with another person sees its share of misunderstandings eventually. People occasionally mishear things or take things the wrong way. They misinterpret why a partner might be in a bad mood or a little more distracted than usual. Misunderstandings are never fun, but they don’t have to be a huge issue. It’s all in how you decide to handle them.

Just make sure you also pay attention to how frequently misunderstandings tend to occur in your relationship. Healthy, happy couples who are truly good together don’t constantly misunderstand each other. So if that’s happening in your relationship, you’d do well to figure out why. Very frequent miscommunications and misunderstandings can indicate much more serious compatibility issues.

If these are concerns you’re having, it’s time to sit your sugar partner down for an honest talk. Just like the ones you had when you were first getting to know each other and preparing to enter into an arrangement. First, get to the bottom of any underlying sticking points that may be causing the issues before they get worse and permanently damage your relationship. Then, if necessary, set some new boundaries and ground rules to prevent future problems.

Managing Personality Differences

Whether you’re most attracted to people who are like you or prefer the energetic experience of dating your opposite, other people always come with a learning curve. Since sugar daters are a lot more discriminating, upfront, and honest when feeling out a new relationship partner before getting serious, surprise personality clashes are pretty rare. However, they do occasionally still happen.

They can also be pretty common occurrences in sugar relationships where there’s a significant age gap, especially as aging changes them both even further. Couples may disagree on how often to go out versus stay in or on how social they want to be with other people in their lives. But most of those differences can be managed with straightforward communication and a mutual willingness to compromise.

Things get more challenging when two people can’t find common ground on more serious issues, especially those that involve deeply held personal beliefs. Political and religious beliefs can be difficult to impossible to compromise on. So can conflicting long-term life goals, like whether or not to get married or have children. However, they don’t necessarily mean a relationship is doomed. It mostly depends on how willing each party is to compromise and make room for the other person’s needs. Sugar daters are typically great at reaching a compromise, so don’t be afraid to bring any concerns up in conversation.

When Sticking Points Get Serious

As any long-time sugar dater can tell you, the average sugar dating arrangement tends to be a drama-free zone. Most people dive into the sugar bowl because they’re tired of all the games. Not to mention the unspoken expectations and ambiguity that characterize so many traditional relationships. They find the honesty, openness, and freedom of mutually beneficial sugar arrangements refreshing.

Serious relationship issues like the ones traditional daters may be used to are reasonably rare, but they do still happen. People can change. And they can wind up facing new issues that throw them for a loop and ultimately affect their relationships. Before you know it, your once-perfect sugar baby or sugar daddy has done something you’re not sure you can forgive them for. That’s when you know you’ve got a decision to make.

If you and your sugar partner have been together a long time and invested a lot in each other, you may decide to work through things (possibly with the help of a relationship therapist). But you’re within your rights to cut your losses and explore other options, as well. The beauty of sugar dating is that you’re allowed to prioritize yourself.  No relationship is worth sacrificing your self-respect, emotional health, or overall sense of wellbeing.

The key to keeping your sugar dating life sweet is to hold onto the strong sense of self and integrity that made you want to dive into the sugar bowl in the first place. This is the case whether you choose to work on relationship problems or simply move on to better things.