Every woman has “that friend” – that mysterious gal pal who’s a natural at turning heads and leaving men eating out of her hand. Most of the time, it’s a mystery how she does it, as it doesn’t always seem to be about looks or traditional sex appeal. She’s just got that something men can’t help but be drawn to.

Don’t worry. As magical as it may seem when a particular woman can get nearly any man she wants, it’s actually a skill anyone can learn. All women can make even the strongest men weak in the knees. (Yes, even you!) Here’s what to do to become one of them.

Work your assets.

Even the most stoic, reserved men out there are still only human. You were born with all the tools that demand a man’s undivided attention. You just need to use them, and successfully doing that starts with knowing what yours are. If you were blessed with a juicy apple booty, stuff it into a pair of tight jeans and show it off. If you’re well-endowed upstairs, go for a form-fitting shirt that highlights your girls.

But it’s also essential to do it in a way that makes you feel like a million dollars. Looking fantastic and showing off what you’ve got is only part of what works. The authentic secret sauce is the way your confidence in yourself shines through from the inside.

Let your empathy show.

Men respond enthusiastically to women who make them feel heard, seen, and understood. That means letting your big heart and natural empathy show a little. A sweet, supportive woman who’s comfortable being a little nurturing makes a man feel like he can do anything, and that’s a genuinely irresistible feeling.

Talk to him in a way that assures him you “get” him, even if he’s not the best at clearly expressing his feelings. Show him you genuinely care about the things that matter most to him in little ways that are hard to resist.

Maintain a little mystery.

A deep person who plays their cards close to the vest and keeps people guessing a little can be highly attractive, and this isn’t just the case for men, either. Men love a mysterious woman who knows when to open up and when to keep a few things to herself.

Don’t overshare when you’re with a guy you’re into. You don’t necessarily need to be evasive or overly coy when he asks you about yourself. You can and should tell him what he wants to know, but always leave a few details to his imagination. The trick is always to leave him wanting more.

Move with elegance.

Men are suckers for women who exude an otherworldly nature, especially when they move. Take a moment to think about how that irresistible female friend of yours walks. Chances are she never walks so much as she floats elegantly from place to place. Focus on putting the same energy out there yourself.

Wearing high heels is one way to nail this effect without overthinking it, but no worries if you don’t like heels or know how to walk in them. You can accomplish the same thing in any shoe by keeping your heel slightly lifted as you move and walking as softly as possible. Focus on making every movement seem as effortless and flowing as possible.

Hint gently at your naughtier side.

While it’s true that men are most easily captivated by elegant, graceful women who have an air of softness about them, they also like balance. In other words, men still want to see a hint or two now and then that the woman they’re interested in almost certainly knows how to make a guy feel good between the sheets.

So drop a few subtle nonverbal hints now and then that you likely know your stuff when it comes to sex. Think red nail polish (or little touches of red anything, for that matter) and sexy details that are easy to integrate into your look. Little things like these can’t help but capture a man’s imagination and leave him wondering about you long after you’ve parted ways.

Be the sexiest version of yourself.

Letting your sexy, feminine side show more often is definitely the key to holding a man’s attention, but authenticity is critical. People can smell a fake or a performance a mile away, and the men you’re hoping to captivate are no different. The key to success here isn’t to become someone different but to be the sexiest, most attractive version of the person you already are.

There are many ways to be sexy, but the best ones always come from a place of authenticity. Think of it as polishing the edges of your already electric personality. The men in your life won’t be able to help but take notice.