It’s a common misconception that men are fickle and uninterested in commitment by nature. In a day and age that finds men and women alike just a few clicks away from their next hot dating prospect at any given time, someone need to really stand out to catch a particular sugar daddy’s eye.

So if you feel like you’re blending into the woodwork a little more thoroughly than you’d like, it’s likely not that you aren’t desirable. You may just need a better technique when it comes to differentiating yourself from every other sugar baby out there to stay on his mind, no matter how busy his life might be. Here are some suggestions to try.

Check the drama at the door

Although some sugar daddies may enjoy the challenge of satisfying a sugar baby who’s a little bit of a brat, most became sugar daddies in the first place because they were tired of all that drama. They want a sugar baby who’s laid back, easygoing, and acts like the grown-up she is.

Naturally, it’s fine to get upset or throw the occasional fit when it’s warranted. But the real way to stay on his mind the way you want him to be is to be easy, fun, and pleasurable to be around.

Be an absolute knockout

Pretty girls are a dime a dozen, especially for a well-to-do sugar daddy. But some girls just have that special something that never fails to leave a man thinking (and even obsessing) over them long after they’ve parted ways for the evening.

So don’t be afraid to upgrade yourself from “pretty” to “absolute stunner” if you’re serious about staying on someone’s mind. Sugar daddies appreciate having the very best in life. And while it’s true that looks aren’t everything, they do count for a lot and beauty is very hard to overlook when it’s truly next-level.

Don’t be overly available

Men – especially affluent men with a taste for the very best – often place a higher value on things when getting them poses a bit of a challenge. This definitely includes sugar babies, so it often pays off not to be but so available.

Yes, you should spend time with your daddy when that’s what you want to do. But make sure you’re also living a rich, full life of your own. And if you’re not exclusive, make sure you’re dating your share of other daddies, too. Give him a chance (and a reason) to miss you a bit.

Be someone to be proud of

Ultimately, a pretty face will turn lots of heads. But any eligible sugar daddy has seen more than his share of those. A pretty face on a woman with no substance is like a beautifully-wrapped gift that turns out to be nothing but an empty box, so it’s important to have more going on than that.

Be someone a sugar daddy can truly admire and be proud to call his own. Wow him a little. Dare to be different, and passionate, and driven. That means being the best version of your authentic self – someone he can’t help but think about whenever you’re not around.

Don’t be a doormat

If there’s one mistake nearly every sugar baby makes when she really wants to be remembered, it’s stepping over the border into full people-pleaser territory. She wrongly thinks that what a daddy really wants is to be agreed with around every corner and told exactly what he wants to hear at all times.

However, while it’s fine to agree when it’s truly genuine and to support your daddy in his endeavors, you don’t want to be a doormat or a yes man. Memorable sugar babies know when to challenge their daddies, and they aren’t afraid to have minds of their own.

Don’t rush commitment

Even if serious commitment is literally all you want out of a relationship right now, resist the urge to try to rush things in that direction. That’s another mistake so many sugar babies make – stepping on the gas too soon in an effort to nail a daddy down before he’s really ready – and it backfires more often than not.

So, take things at a natural pace and let your relationship evolve. Do initiate that talk when the time comes, but make sure you’re not pushing the issue prematurely.

Practice healthy self-care

Yes, a sugar daddy absolutely loves to be pampered and nurtured by a sugar baby he might be dating. But he doesn’t necessarily want to be your whole world. Women who know how to love, pamper, and spoil themselves are not only sexy, but memorable in all the right ways.

Don’t be afraid to look after yourself. Exercise, eat right, and keep yourself well-maintained. But do it for you first and other people (your daddy included) second. It makes all the difference in the world.