If you’re a guy, then the chances are pretty good that you’ve gone through most of your life thinking of women as complicated and nearly impossible to figure out. But the reality is that women aren’t really any tougher to read than men are.

Even the coyest sugar baby will give a would-be sugar daddy plenty of signals, but it’s up to you to know how to read them. Here’s a closer look at how you can tell the difference between a woman who’s not that into you at all (and never will be) versus one who’s simply playing a little hard to get.

If she doesn’t initiate contact; she might not be that into you

Although many would-be sugar babies are more traditional types who like it when the man takes the lead, a woman who’s into you will still initiate contact sometimes. She’ll at least text or call to see how you’re doing or suggest getting together.

In other words, she acts like someone who thinks about you when you’re not around and looks forward to the time you spend together. If you hear from her first only when she needs something from you, if at all, she’s likely just not that into you.

She strongly prefers group get-togethers

A woman who’s been talking to a man she wouldn’t mind upgrading to sugar daddy status wants to spend time alone with him in settings that feel intimate or romantic. Even if she’s been playing it cool, she naturally wants any chemistry between her and him to evolve into something deeper.

A girl who likes a guy fine but isn’t into him as anything more will be the opposite. She’ll prefer also getting together with other people you both know or always asks if she can bring some friends along. She’s likely trying to keep things from going too far in the wrong direction.

Gifts seem to make her uncomfortable

A woman who’s interested in taking things further with a man loves nothing more than receiving flowers, small gifts, and sweet little tokens of his affection. This is even more the case if she’s a sugar baby type looking to meet new sugar daddies.

Sugar dating is all about being spoiled rotten, and gifts are part of that. If this woman seems uncomfortable when you give her gifts or – worse – refuses them on occasion, she’s not just being modest. She’d rather keep you at arm’s length, and gifts make things awkward.

You don’t fit her description of her dream man

Pay attention when a woman you’re trying to date starts talking about all the things she wants in a relationship or in a dream man. Does the hypothetical man she’s describing sound anything like you, or is he your exact opposite? Be honest with yourself.

She could be telling you all this in a deliberate attempt to discourage your affections, or she may be genuinely clueless that you’re into her and simply thinking out loud. Whichever the case may be, she’s not the right sugar baby for you, so you’re better off connecting with someone else.

If she’s flaky or vague; she’s not that into you

No woman really wants the job of breaking a man’s heart, especially if she genuinely likes him or values his friendship. If she’s picked up on the fact that you see her as something more, it’s entirely possible she’s having trouble shutting you down completely out of fear of hurting you.

If that’s the case, she might flake a lot on plans you’ve made together. Or she might make excuses not to get together or talk much. A woman who’s interested will make the time, but one who isn’t, will make excuses in the hopes that the guy eventually gets the hint on his own.

She talks about other guys a lot

When a sugar baby is interested in a man and has a mind to make him her next sugar daddy, she’s not going to blatantly talk to him about other men. Sure, she might drop subtle references to the fact that other men are interested in her to help you see how desired she is. But she isn’t going to go on about them at length or tell you how into them she is.

So, if the woman you’re into is always talking to you about other guys she dates or is into, she’s definitely not into you. This is the case even if she’s telling you about them to ask for your advice.

Ultimately, while it’s never easy for an aspiring sugar daddy to admit things just aren’t going to pan out with someone he wants, it’s better to face facts sooner rather than later. The longer you spend chasing after the wrong girl, the longer it will take you to meet the right one.