Every sugar baby knows what it’s like to cross paths with an old flame at some point. Regardless of how things ended between the two of you, it’s always interesting to see how someone’s life has gone since you parted ways. And occasionally, you run into a former sugar daddy with whom you still apparently have some chemistry.

In cases like those, it’s only natural to wonder what the possibilities for the future might be. But first, you need a read on whether this particular daddy feels the same spark you do and is potentially interested in doing something about it. Here are some signs that he’d love to be back in your life.

1.     He always seems to be around

A sugar daddy who can’t stop thinking about his former sugar baby and would love a chance to start spending time with her again will often look for opportunities to be around more often. Maybe he’s all over your social media suddenly, or perhaps your relatives and friends keep saying they see him everywhere.

Whatever his reasons, you can probably rest easy in the knowledge that he’d rather be around you than not. He may be waiting for the opportunity to make his move, or he could just like keeping up with you.

2.     He’s stayed in touch with your loved ones

Naturally, not every generous sugar daddy ever even meets his sugar baby’s loved ones. But let’s say things were serious enough between you that he did meet yours and get to know them reasonably well. What happened next with those relationships after you and he went your separate ways?

A sugar daddy who’s over his former sugar baby and doesn’t want anything more to do with her will usually move on completely, including in regard to any connections he had solely through her. But a daddy who wants to keep that avenue open will often try to stay in touch with mutual acquaintances. Or he might get back in touch if he’s interested in rekindling that connection.

3.     He’s actively reached out

A sugar daddy who’s trying to get a read on an old flame may or may not be upfront about that. (It often depends on how and why things ended between you in the first place.) But he will likely casually reach out to see what happens.

He might try to clear the air if there was a general lack of closure involved in your breakup, or he might email just to see how you’re doing. And his reasons for doing so might be all over the place — anything from simply being curious, to wanting to get back together, to hoping for a quick hookup. But busy men like sugar daddies don’t typically reach out for no reason, so there’s likely something he’s after.

4.     The vibe changes when he’s around you

If you’re like most seasoned sugar babies, you have a pretty good radar when it comes to figuring out whether a sugar daddy is into you. So what does yours tell you when your ex-sugar daddy is around you?

There was a point at which you knew this guy pretty well. There are reasons men fall hard for women. You know what it feels like when he’s nervous around someone he wants to impress or when he’s totally under your spell at the immediate moment. Are you picking up on any of that when he’s around you? If so, then you know what it means.

5.     He comes up with reasons to see you

A distinguished sugar daddy is going to be more sophisticated than most when it comes to dreaming up excuses to be around his old flame, but the effectiveness of this approach means he’ll probably try it anyway. For example, maybe you ran into each other recently, and now he wants to stop by to drop something of yours off in person.

He could easily drop whatever it is in the mail, leave it on your porch while you’re out, or give it to a mutual acquaintance to pass on to you at their next convenience. If he insists on doing whatever it is in person, there’s a reason.

Generally speaking, a former sugar daddy who isn’t interested in his old flame at all will act like she doesn’t exist. And if she tries to make contact with him, he’ll likely tell her outright that she should move on and that he wants to leave their connection in the past.

But if you think an ex is entertaining the idea of getting back together with you, it’s probably because you’re right on some level. At the very least, he’s unflinchingly curious about how your life is going without him. Now it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with that information.