On paper, the idea of having two fantastic sugardaddies vying for your attention can seem like an absolute dream come true. But the reality is another matter entirely. To begin with, juggling two guys can be pretty tiring, especially if neither guy knows about the other one. And it can be emotionally taxing on you, too, especially if you really like both men.

Sooner or later, you need to make a choice – especially if you’re ultimately focused on being in a committed relationship with just one person.

But choosing between two extraordinary sugar daddies can be a lot harder than it might seem to someone who’s never had to do it before. You’re naturally worried about hurting the man you don’t pick, as well as potentially making the wrong choice. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure you’re ultimately happy with how things turn out.

Leave looks out of the equation.

So many people (sugar babies and daddies alike) go straight to looks when attempting to choose between two equally impressive people, but that’s a recipe for disaster. Yes, physical attraction is really important. But that’s also the first aspect of a relationship to peter out, so it’s only going to carry you so far in a long-term relationship.

So, leave looks off the table altogether as far as the pros and cons of choosing each guy, and see what you’re left with at that point. Consider who you have the best conversations with or the most interests in common. Ultimately, the guy’s personality is what you’re going to be left with once all that raw animal attraction mellows out, so it’s much more important to focus there.

Consider dealbreakers and possible red flags.

Everyone has dealbreakers when it comes to their romantic relationships. Naturally, you already know yours and likely have a good idea whether these two men fit yours. But you also need to see if they have any that might make you a bad fit for them. For instance, if you’re unsure whether you want kids, you probably don’t want to take up with someone who’s positive they want a large family one day.

The same goes for any red flags. Does either of these two men ever behave in a way that makes you uncomfortable? Are they secretive about who they talk to online or text on their phones? Has either ever given you any reason to think they can’t be trusted?

Consider how well you spend extended periods of time together.

Anyone can get along well for a couple of hours while out on a date or hanging out, but what about longer periods? Who do you get along better with when you spend the whole day, a weekend, or a week together? Does the company of either man start to wear on you after a while, or are you that much happier you spent that extra time with them?

It’s a good idea to consider which guy makes you feel more comfortable simply being your raw, honest, undecorated self, as well. The same goes for being able to sit together in comfortable silence without a conversation or something else going on all the time. Things like this are crucial when you’re talking about committing to someone over the long term.

Ask yourself which guy is putting in more effort.

This is a significant consideration when choosing between two men who may be very different. Which guy shows more promise when it comes to being the type of partner you want? For example, let’s say you’re looking for a sugar daddy who takes the lead in the relationship and wants to take care of you.

Assuming both guys know that’s what you’re into and looking for in a long-term partner. Which one is trying harder to show you that he has what it takes to be what you want? Chances are, the guy who’s willing to put in the most effort is the one who’s most serious about you and most likely to give you the kind of future you really want.

Make a side-by-side comparison list.

When you’re genuinely on the fence about a significant decision – like who to enter into a serious relationship with – it can really help to make a comparison list and look at the details side by side. You may even want to consider making two lists – one with the pros of dating each man and another with the cons.

At the end of the day, no relationship will be perfect all the time and in every way. So ultimately, you should focus on who is the better long-term match as far as the big picture goes. Whose faults and shortcomings are easier to live with? Which guy stands the best chance of giving you the type of relationship you know you’re looking for? Who has the same goals and wants the same things out of life you do?

Give it some thought, and then go with your gut. When in doubt, the gut tends to know what’s what long before the head or the heart every does.