If you’ve already gotten on board with sugar dating, then you don’t need to be told it’s more than just a dating trend or a flash in the pan. It’s not just a way to spice up your love life if you’re tired of traditional dating, either. In many ways, sugaring is dating as it was always meant to be – a way to cultivate healthy relationships that are actually based on the right things.

But while online sugaring comes with all the same benefits and conveniences of traditional e-dating, it brings many of the same challenges to the table, as well. Chatting can be a wonderful way to gauge potential in-person chemistry, but it can really only get you so far.

Video chat, on the other hand, can be an absolute game-changer, and Sugar Daddy for Me is proud and pleased to announce a new video chat feature that’s now available for all members. Here’s a closer look at what that means for Sugar Daddy for Me members in particular and online sugar daters in general.

What Sets Sugar Daddy for Me Apart?

Although there are many dating sites out there geared toward sugar daters of all experience levels, Sugar Daddy for Me has been in the game for a long time. Since its launch in 2005, it’s been helping beautiful, intelligent women and successful, distinguished men everywhere find one another and cultivate the mutually beneficial, loving relationships they deserve.

It’s also been doing an excellent job to that end. Sugar Daddy for Me currently has over 4 million members to its credit. That user base has also been growing at an incredible rate with more than 1,000 new profiles going live every single day.

Now, thanks to the new video chat feature, Sugar Daddy for Me has even more to offer experienced sugar daters, sugar newbies, and the merely sugar-curious alike.

How Does Video Chat Benefit Sugar Daters?

Adding video chat to the list of helpful tools a sugar daddy or sugar baby has at their disposal has turned out to be more than just a good idea so far. Here’s a closer look at just a few of the ways Sugar Daddy for Me members are making better, deeper, more meaningful connections with sugar video chat in their corner.

It’s an opportunity to make a more natural connection

As incredible as standard chat or phone calls can be, they still leave a lot out of the picture when it comes to the ways humans naturally connect and communicate with one another in-person. For example, you can’t see the person’s facial expressions, look into their eyes, or read their body language.

On video chat, you can do all of those things and more – pretty much everything you’d be able to do to communicate in person. It’s a chance to make a real-world-style connection while still enjoying the convenience of online communication.

It’s a faster way to assess potential real-world chemistry

Anyone who’s dated online for long knows that there are really no guarantees when it comes to the eventual attempt to move a sparkling connection from online into the real world. Two people can get along like gangbusters over chat, text, or even phone calls only to find out they just don’t click in real life.

The chances of experiencing that kind of disappointment are a lot lower when you make video chat part of how you get to know your next prospective sugar partner. You get a much better idea of how you’ll gel together when you’re face to face, and you can form a connection more quickly, too.

Video Chat takes any level of catfishing out of the equation

Anytime you’re dating online – especially if you’re a high-value person with a lot to offer a potential partner – catfishing is always a concern at the back of one’s mind. Is that person too good to be true? Could they possibly be everything they seem to be from their pictures, their profile, and their sparkling conversation over chat?

The problem with chat, phone calls, and profiles is that catfishing is always at least a possibility, but this isn’t the case with video chat. On video, you chat and see one another in real time, so there’s nothing left for a fake to hide behind. In fact, the presence of a chat feature can be all its takes to discourage catfish from using a particular platform at all.

In other words, Sugar Daddy for Me’s video chat feature has already been a phenomenal help to thousands of people when it comes to helping them find the lasting, loving sugar relationships they’ve been looking for. Become a member today, check out video sugaring for yourself, and find out firsthand what everyone’s been talking about!