Every sugar baby knows what it’s like to have big dreams, want the best in life, and wish for a worthy partner to experience it with. But unfortunately, the vast majority of those women also know what it’s like to repeatedly wind up with low-quality, directionless men who would rather have a second mom than a loving life partner to spoil.

If that sounds like you, consider this the sign you’ve been looking for, that it’s time to embrace the sugar baby lifestyle and expect more from the dating experience. You already know you’re worth so much more than you’ve been getting. Now it’s time to find a man who knows how to love and spoil you as you deserve. Here’s a peek at how life changes once that happens.

You find out what it’s like to love yourself.

Naturally, every woman knows how important self-love is, especially if she’s serious about finding a truly worthy partner to spend her life with. Most women are even convinced they already have a healthy sense of self-love, which may even be true to some extent. But there’s nothing like a supportive partner to underscore what it really means to love yourself.

A good man who loves, adores, and spoils you sees the best in you so consistently, it becomes virtually impossible not to see it in yourself, too. So don’t be surprised if, before too long, you’re as madly in love with your quirky laugh, unique point of view, and freckles to the same extent your new sugar daddy is.

Life becomes much less stressful overnight.

The average person gets used to stress early on in life, and the chances are excellent that you’re no different. You’re likely used to struggling, feeling like you don’t have enough, and tackling most of life’s problems all by yourself. Unfortunately, you’re also not aware enough that life isn’t supposed to be this way, especially if you have a partner.

The day you finally find yourself with a good sugar daddy is the day all that changes. Of course, life will always have its ups and downs, so you’ll never be entirely free from stress. But a good partner makes quite the difference. Instead of having to carry a shiftless partner who doesn’t pull his weight, you’ll have someone who takes care of things without even having to be asked. You’ll learn what it’s like to feel protected and provided for instead of left to carry the burdens of everyone else around you on your own shoulders.

You finally have someone worth spoiling in return.

Wanting to know what it’s like to be spoiled rotten for a change isn’t necessarily about not liking to give. Many sugar babies who’d like to be spoiled by a good man have huge hearts and are immensely giving in their own right. But the world is full of emotionally immature, underdeveloped men who only know how to take advantage of good-hearted, generous women who love to give of themselves.

Having the right man in your life is less about it finally being your turn to receive instead of give. It’s more that, a good, successful, generous man is a safe person to focus your generosity on. You can care for him, love him, and be the best partner a man could possibly wish for without fear that you’ll only be used up for your trouble. Instead, you’ll have your kindness returned in full – something that feels absolutely wonderful when it does happen.

You wonder how on earth you ever settled for less.

When you’re used to relationships that are underwhelming at best, it’s easy to think that’s as good as it gets. This is especially the case if you have family and friends who make a habit of telling you things could always be worse, and you ought to be grateful for what you already have. It’s easy to sink into a mindset that finds you expecting to be disappointed in love and attracting more of the same as the years roll by.

But when you’re with a good man who spoils you silly, it’s like someone suddenly turned the light on in a very dark room where you’ve been living for a long time. Suddenly, it’s not only crystal clear how low you’ve set your own bar, but you start to wonder how other women put up with the things they do in their relationships.

In other words, once you finally find out what it’s like to be treated right, it’s impossible to settle for less ever again. So, know that there are good men out there who are dying for the chance to spoil a sugar baby rotten and give her the wonderful life she deserves. You just need to become active on Sugar Daddy for Me and open your heart to the possibilities.