Being “extra” is something people talk a lot about these days but not always in a positive light. Sugar babies who are extra, tend to have reputations for being over the top, high maintenance, and just “a lot” in general. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Women who are extra also tend to be sugar babies who live life to the fullest and get the utmost enjoyment out of the things they love to do. They’re colorful, vibrant forces to be reckoned with, and so many of them make the world a more exciting place to be.

So, if you’ve ever been told you’re extra, then you’re in luck. We’re about to dig into why that might actually be a pretty cool thing.

Good Extra vs. Bad Extra: What’s the Real Difference?

Everything in life – even the best things – should be approached with moderation and being extra is no different. That said, it’s important to know where you fall on the spectrum.

Do you just tend to get super excited when you’re into something? Are you a flashy dresser who loves looking good and standing out in a crowd? Do you love going over the top when planning events because you genuinely enjoy treating people to truly special experiences? Don’t worry. You’re the kind of extra there’s nothing wrong with.

You only need to worry if you’re seriously extra about everything and on a level that puts other people around you through a lot. But even then, doing better is more about finding balance than it is training yourself to be someone who’s not extra at all.

How Can You Know When You’re Being Extra?

Knowing you’re a sugar baby with a tendency to be extra isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it can be helpful to know when you might tend to go over the top in a way that might not be situationally appropriate. Here are some signs you might be prone to that.

You’re a big hand-talker

People who are super expressive as a rule almost never stop at using their mouths and voices to talk. They also like to get their hands involved. Their hand-talk also tends to be hyper-animated when they’re overexcited and reaching new heights of extra.

Every social media post needs to be on point

Extra sugar babies tend to have specific aesthetics that need to be just so at all times, and this is often pretty evident on their social media pages. Are you super particular about making sure your feeds on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are a perfect mix of selfies, foodie shots, trendy memes, and empowerment posts? If so, you’re probably at least a bit extra.

You sometimes overdo it over text

People who are extra, tend to have specific ways their extraness shows itself when they can’t talk loud or use their hands to add emphasis, as with text or instant message. If you’re extra, you might do that by double and triple texting people, inadvertently sending walls of text, or punctuating everything you say with lots of GIFs and emoji. After all, you’ve got to make your point somehow, right?

You celebrate birth months, not birthdays

Everyone knows someone who loves their birthday so much that they tend to stretch out the celebration to cover the whole month. They just can’t help it, because it feels so darned good to be pampered and spoiled a little. If that person is you, you’re a bit extra for sure. Of course, you no doubt love treating your loved ones to birthday months of their own, as well.

How to Be Extra in a Medium World

Needless to say, when you’re extra, you’re never quite like anyone else around you. And while this can be a good thing to some extent, sometimes it’s hard to feel like you belong as much as you may want to. Here’s how to survive.

Surround yourself with the right people

People who are extra, tend to have big personalities, and they tend to feel most fulfilled around other people who take up space in the world in a similarly interesting way. So instead of watering yourself down to fit in, surround yourself with people who are all about you, just as you are.

Consider doing things differently

Many people who have reputations for being extra find they do best when they choose to march to the beat of their own drummers. Maybe for you, this looks like trading in the 9 to 5 for a career as a freelancer. Or it could mean swapping vanilla dating for a sugar daddy who loves spoiling you rotten and making you feel special. It’s up to you to decide what feels right and works best.

In other words, being an extra sugar baby in a world where everything else seems to keep to the middle of the road is largely about building a world of your own, moving into it, and populating it with awesome people who appreciate you for who you are. Get started today! You’ll be glad you did.